How to Cc or Bcc an Email Copy Using Gmail Web or Mobile App

Nearly all email providers support the feature of CC and BCC fields. Gmail is also one of them. These fields are used to send additional copies of emails. Let’s have a look that what are these fields in Gmail and how to use them on desktop or mobile.

What are CC and BCC

  • CC an acronym for carbon copy and the primary recipient becomes aware of the recipients in the CC field.
  • BCC is an acronym for blind carbon copy. As the name suggests that it is a blind copy of the email. You will use it when you don’t want the primary recipient to become aware of the recipient you are sending the copy of the email.

How to CC or Blind CC in Gmail on a Computer

In order to use CC and BCC, open the browser and sign in to Gmail using your credentials.

  1. To use CC and BCC start composing a new email. Locate Compose button and click on it to compose a new email. The New Message window will appear.
  2. On the New Message window look for the Cc and Bcc options in the top-right corner as shown below in the screenshot. Click on Cc and Bcc to add these fields to your email. The fields will appear underneath the To field.
  3. Type in the primary recipient email address in the To field. In the Cc field type the email address of the person you want to take in the loop. Type the email address of the person in the Bcc field who you don’t want the primary recipient to know that the email is sent. Type subject in Subject field e.g. Test Work. Type the matter you want to send e.g. Test Mail For Trickyways. Click on the Send button to deliver the email to the intended recipients.

How to CC or BCC in Gmail on Mobile app

launch the Gmail app on your iOS or Android app to use CC or BCC on mobile or tablet devices.

  1. Tap on the Compose button on the right bottom to create a new email. Compose screen will appear.
  2. Locate the down-arrow icon in front of the To field on the Compose screen. Tap the icon, Cc and Bcc fields will appear. Type the primary recipient’s email address in the To field. Subsequently, type the email addresses in the Cc and Bcc fields. Type the subject in the Subject field. Type the matter you want to send. After providing all the necessary details look for the paper airplane icon next to the paperclip icon and tap on it. The email will be sent to the intended recipients.

So, this is how you can use Cc and Bcc options while composing emails either in the browser or on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. If you still have any questions please leave a comment below.

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