How to Change Your Display Name on Gmail Account

Gmail is the most popular email service used by most of the persons. When you send an email to someone your name is displayed to the recipient. When creating an email account then you have to provide your display name. On the other hand, you can change it afterward. You can change your display name [...]

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How to Cc or Bcc an Email Copy Using Gmail Web or Mobile App

Nearly all email providers support the feature of CC and BCC fields. Gmail is also one of them. These fields are used to send additional copies of emails. Let’s have a look that what are these fields in Gmail and how to use them on desktop or mobile. In this Guide: What are CC and [...]

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How to Send Automatic Reply Emails in Gmail

Receiving automated emails in our inboxes is routine. You might have noticed the confirmation or acknowledgment emails received in your inbox. These emails are automated. If you are willing to send automatic reply emails in Gmail and lessen your workload due to manual email composing, then we are going to show you how to send [...]

How to Send Large Files In Email Attachments

Free email service providors set a limit on the file size that you want to attach and send with the email. Somtime you need to send a large file so here we guide you and tell different ways to send a large file as an email attachment without buying any premium service. Files size limits [...]

How to Delete all Emails from Specific Sender in Gmail

You might receiving subscription based emails or through any source from different companies on daily basis. When you are not reading deleting emails regularly this will results in thousands of emails in your inbox after few months. Few emails can be selected and deleted at once but when you have hundreds or even thousands of [...]

How to Enable Out of Office AutoReply Email in Web Gmail

Folks who want to activate auto reply or out of office auto reply in their web based Gmail can follow the guide after the break to do so. Out of office auto-reply in Gmail is a great option if you are on vacation and suppose you don’t have access to the internet but you have [...]

Transfer SIM contacts from iPhone to Gmail Account

If you have some important contacts in your SIM card and want these contacts to transfer into your Google’s gmail account then here is the easy way to import SIM contacts to gmail account on your iPhone. This guide is tested on iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and later devices running iOS 7. I hope [...]

How to Enable Handwriting Input in Gmail

Google includes a new feature of handwriting input to Gmail that gives a way to insert other languages text in email message, which is not supported by your current keyboard. Handwriting input method is also helpful for the users with disabilities. Through steps below you may know how to enable handwriting input feature in Gmail. [...]

Google Authentication Code not Working [Solved]

Today, I was trying to logged in to my Google account and I have enabled 2-step verification on it. I entered the username and password on Google account login page and successfully verified the username password but on 2nd step of verification by Google authentication code its not working. I was using codes generated by [...]

How to Select Messages in Gmail for Android

Gmail app v4.2.1 for Android includes a lot of new features and one of those is hiding check boxes to select email message, and instead of that user can enable long-press selection mode which is more comfortable way, especially when user want to select multiple email messages at a time. Select eMail Message in Gmail [...]

Gmail App for Android

Updated Gmail for Android is live at Google Play for download that brings many new features for Android 4.0 and Android 2.2 mobile devices with some performance improvements and fixes. Description Keep your conversations going, everywhere you go. Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even [...]

Gmail v2.0 for iOS

Native Google mail app, Gmail 2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad update is live at App Store for download which is pushed with a new sleek look and bundled with new features listed below. Gmail 2.0 for iOS Updates Multiple account support Search predictions as you type Infinite scrolling inbox Respond to Google Calendar [...]

Gmail v1.3.1415 with iOS 6 Support

Google is now a days on the roll with the release of updated apps for iOS 6 and iPhone 5, like stand alone YouTube, Chrome browser, whereas many others are on their way to get release in near future as standalone Maps for iOS 6, Field Trip etc. Here comes Gmail for iOS, with a [...]

How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars with Windows Phone

Finally, Google has enabled the feature to Sync Multiple Calendars through Google account to Windows Phone devices. At the moment official support is provided to sync 25 Google calendars to Windows Phone. Through guide below you can learn the process to do so, which is quite easy. See also: How to Set up Gmail in [...]

How to Delete Gmail Messages on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Folks who use Gmail through Mail app on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad have observed that whenever you want to delete any of your email, it become an archive instead of going to Trash folder in Gmail. To resolve the issue Gmail adds new feature of “Delete” through Google Sync on iPhone, iPad or iPod [...]

Download Gmail v1.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Google released Gmail app v1.1 for iOS that ports original Gmail experience to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running over iOS 4+. The latest Gmail iOS app includes several fixes and some UI improvements. Features Receive notification badges for new messages Read your mail with threaded conversations Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, [...]

Download Gmail App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Two weeks ago Gmail app for iOS was released which was pulled back from App Store by Google just after 2 hours of launch because the bugs found in app, like displaying error messages whenever user launches the app and broken notifications. Now, Google has addressed those issues and Gmail app for iOS with fixes [...]

How to Create an Email Group on Gmail

If you have to send same email message to some of your colleagues in routine then it would be a better approach to lay them all under a group in Gmail, so that you do not need anymore to add each and every email address again and again to send email to a specific group [...]

How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Gmail

There is a great option in Gmail to restore contacts to any previous state within past 30 days. If you made a mistake when import, merge or delete contacts then using this restore / recover option you can undo the import or merge contacts steps. Login to your Gmail account, click on Contacts menu Click [...]

How to set up Gmail Account on Motorola XOOM Tablet

Using Email app on your Motorola XOOM Tablet you can set up Gmail and other email accounts easily. Follow the given steps to set up Gmail on XOOM tablet. Set up Gmail on XOOM Tablet Tap Apps on the home screen Tap Email app icon from the apps list To set up Gmail account, enter [...]

How to Close Gmail Sessions, if you forgot to Logout Somewhere

This Gmail feature helps you to logout and close sessions if you forgot to logout from Gmail account anywhere. lets see how to close Gmail sessions. How to Close Gmail Sessions Step-1 Login in to your Gmail account Step-2 Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Details” link as shown below [...]

How to Check Gmail Account Activity Details

There is a great option in Gmail that you can view last login details including Access Type (Browser, Mobile, etc), Location and Data/Time. Using this account activity option you can find any unusual activity on Gmail account. On account activity detail windows you can sign out all other session that you may not signed out [...]

How to Backup SMS Messages to Gmail from Android Phones

We have already covered how you can backup and restore SMS locally on Android phones. But to keep the backup of your SMS safe from accidentally being deleted, a better approach is to backup SMS messages of Android phone to Gmail Inbox. SMS Backup+ is a free app available in Android Market which can backup [...]

How to Set up Gmail Account on Samsung Galaxy Tab

To set up Gmail account on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, read out the instructions written below. Set up Gmail Account on Samsung Galaxy Tab Step-1 Tap on “Applications” from “Home” screen Step-2 Then tap on “Email”, on “Set up email” screen, provide username and password of your Gmail account and press “Next” Step-3 On next [...]

How to Set up Gmail in Windows Phone 7

If you got Windows Phone 7 Mobile and want to set up Gmail account on Windows Mobile, here is the simple process. Just follow the given steps to setup Gmail on Windows Phone 7. Set up Google Mail on Windows Phone 7 Mobile. Make sure you are connect to internet either using WiFi or Cellular [...]