How to Delete all Emails from Specific Sender in Gmail

You might receiving subscription based emails or through any source from different companies on daily basis. When you are not reading deleting emails regularly this will results in thousands of emails in your inbox after few months. Few emails can be selected and deleted at once but when you have hundreds or even thousands of emails then you can’t easily select all emails on multiple pages and delete them at once.

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Delete all Emails from Specific Sender in Gmail

We can use a little trick to sort out all the emails received from one sender contact. So after that we can select all emails from particular sender spread on different pages and delete them if we want.

  1. So first open Gmail and open ‘Settings’ from top tight gear icon.
    gmail settings
  2. Now we have to create a filter to sort all the email according to our need. To do this simply clicks on ‘Filter and block addresses’, then ‘Create a new filter’.
    filter messages from once sender
  3. Now in the filters popup windows type sender email in ‘From field’ and me in ‘To Field’ and click the blue search icon. In my case I want to remove all the email from
    create filter to delete messages from one sender
  4. When click on search icon, you will see the list of all the email from Freelancer. Just select all of them and do as you wish like If you want to delete them just click the Trash icon after selection.
    delete all email message from once sender

Delete Emails from Multiple Pages at Once

Gmail displayed about 100 emails on one page, and if there are 500 emails messages then this will spread across 5 multiple pages. To select and delete all 500 message at once, first you need to click the ‘Select’ check box available on the top of check-boxes column. This will select all the 100 email message on one current page and then you will see an alert on the top “All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversation that match this search“.

delete-all-pages emails at once gmail

To select all the 500 emails, hit “…Select all conversation that match this search“.

After that click the Trash icon available on the top to send all 500 selected emails to trash at once.

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