How to Insert a PDF Into a Google Doc

Google Docs is getting more popular day by day as an alternative to Microsoft applications. Because of its growing popularity and ease of use many students across the globe prefer to use Google Docs. They, many times need to insert a PDF file in their documents. There are a couple of ways to do so. Let’s have a look at the ways.


Insert PDF as a Link in Google Docs

To insert a link to the PDF file so the user can click and open the linked file in another tab you need to upload the pdf and then insert the link in the document. Let’s see how to do that.

Upload the PDF to Google Drive

  1. Sign in to your Google account and go to Google Drive. Locate the New button on the left and click on it. Look for the option File upload in the appearing menu and click on it. File Open dialog will appear.
  2. In the File Open dialog navigate to the location where your desired PDF is located on your computer. After locating, select the PDF file and click on the Open button. The file will start uploading.
  3. Once the file is completely uploaded, it will appear on the Drive’s Recent screen. Right-click on the file and look for Get link option in the menu just appeared, click on it. Get link pop-up dialog will appear.
  4. In the dialog under Get link, your desired link is displayed. Copy the link by clicking on the Copy link button. Click on the Done button to close the dialog.

Now go to Google Docs and open the document in which you want to insert the link. Let’s now see how to insert a link.

Insert the Link in Google Docs

  1. In the open document, go to the location where you want to insert the link. Locate the Edit menu and click on it. Then locate the option Paste and click on it.
  2. Google Drive’s file path will be displayed and an option to replace it with the file name will appear on top of it. Click on it and this link will be replaced with the file name e.g. PDFs.pdf.
  3. Now the link is inserted and the file name is shown. You can open the file in the new browser tab by taking mouse pointer over the file name and clicking on the appearing chip or link in the chip.

Insert a PDF as an Image

Sometimes you may require to insert PDF as an image in your document rather than displaying it as a link. In order to do so you need to convert the PDF to the image first. Then you will be able to insert the PDF as an image to your document with the help click of a button. Lets’ see how to convert a PDF file to an image and insert it in Google Docs.

Convert the PDF to an Image

There are many ways to convert a PDF file to an image. Here the online converter, like cloudconvert, will be demonstrated.

  1. Visit the URL and click on Select File button. A File Upload dialog will appear. Navigate to the location of the file and select the file you want to convert. After selecting the file click on Open button. The file will start uploading.
  2. When the file is successfully uploaded, its name will appear on the screen. Select the type of image to which you want to convert the PDF file e.g. JPG from the dropdown.
  3. Look for the Convert button and click on it to start the process of conversion. The file will immediately start converting.
  4. After the file is successfully converted, a dialog will appear. Locate the Download button and click on it to download the converted image. The image will be saved on your computer.

Insert the Image in Google Docs

Once the file is converted and downloaded, it is pretty simple to insert an image in Google Docs. Now let’s take look at how to insert that image in Google Docs.

  1. Go to the place where you need to insert your image and leave the cursor there. Click Insert menu, choose Image and then click Upload From Computer. A File Open dialog will appear.
  2. Navigate to the location where you saved the file. Select the PDF image file and then click on the Open button to insert it into the Google Docs.
  3. The selected PDF image will display in the document at the place you left your cursor.

The time you spend in inserting PDF into your Google Doc is worth it if you provide beneficial PDF within your document for your and your readers’ benefit.

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