How to Disable Auto Updates for Individual Android App

Downloading and installing available updates for installed Android apps are enabled by default in Play Store. This auto-update settings is enabled by default to ensure that you are getting latest updates of every app installed on your device. New updates for apps always comes with some new features and bug fixes from developers to ensure that their apps are working flawlessly on compatible devices. But sometime auto update app in the background consuming huge mobile data that results in more monthly cost or out of data usage limit. You can turn off this settings and disable auto updating apps completely or even you can disable updates for few apps that you don’t want to get new updates anymore.

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Disable Auto-update Individual Android App

Disabling update for specific app might be reason of some compatibly issues. If you don’t want to disable auto-updates for all the applications but few.

  1. Simply open Google’s Play Store and tap the menu button.
  2. Tap ‘My apps & games’ option from menu.
    my apps and games android
  3. Tap ‘Installed’ tab to see all the installed apps on your Android device. There will be two sections the apps that need updates and the apps that are already up-to-date.
    apps need to update
  4. Now to stop auto update for single particular app, tap on that app like in my case ‘Tango app’ and then tap three vertical dots menu at top-right corner of the Play Store screen and un-check the Auto-update option and you are done.
    disable auto-update single app

Now this app will not get any further updates automatically until you manually choose the update this app from update button but all the other apps will works normal.

Disable Auto Update Apps Completely

If you want to completely turn off auto update for all installed apps on your Android phone then simple open Play Store app and tap on menu icon.

  1. Select Settings option from the menu and then tap ‘Auto-update apps’ option.
    auto update apps android
  2. In the popup select ‘Do not auto-update apps’ options and that’s it.
    disable auto update apps

Now apps will no longer update automatically until you want them to update manually.

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yrwelcome April 21, 2017, 9:10 pm

I would prefer to have an APP that does the following
on the whole: schedule Updates on apps according to “time of day” or “connected to certain WLAN”
the reason
my WLAN connection is more that slow during days, so I want to schedule updates to nights
When traveling I like to use “private hotspot”
But I hate any app to update on the costly way through private hotspot.
So I would like something like “LAMA” to schedule updates of apps
does anybody have a help for me?

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