How to Perform Stress Test on Mac

It is usually recommended to take the stress test on your new machine in order to check its level of stability. By doing stress test you will be able to check if there is any fault in your Mac or PC. In this article, we will tell you how to perform stress test on your Mac running OS X.

Perform Stress Test on Mac

In this section we will be discussing three common ways to stress test main components of Mac: RAM, CPU and Hard Disk.


A tool known as Memtest is used to stress test your RAM for its full use. All you need to do is install this software and open the terminal. If you want to check the entire portion of your RAM, type following command while you are in terminal:
Memtest all 1


If you want to check any specific portion of RAM, use following command:
Memtest 200 1
By typing above command you will only be able to perform stress test on 200 MB of RAM at one time.

One issue with memtest is that it will never check the entire RAM unless you restart your PC in single user mode. To start your MAC in single user mode, restart your PC and press and hold Command + S. Memtest will perform stress test on entire RAM and you can go back to normal mode by restarting your machine.

As far as stress testing your CPU is concerned, it is considered as the easiest process. All you need to do is open the terminal located in your Mac Applications and then Utilities folder. CPU is tested by the famous yes command in the terminal. Simply type the command y in the terminal command line. You will notice command y being printing continuously which will keep using your CPU thus using it to its maximum level at one point. You can see CPU being 100 % used in the activity bar.

If you want to go back to normal state and want this y command to stop, simply press Control + C from keyboard.

Hard Disk:
Hard disk is also very important component of your Mac. It will slow down your Mac if you have got much space occupied in your hard disk or if there is any other fault. In order to check if there is any fault in your hard disk, you need to take stress test. The most common tool used for stress test on Mac hard disk is Blackmagic Disk speed test.

Once the above mentioned tool is downloaded on your Mac, run it and write a heavy file size on it in order to speed check in case of stress. Click on the start button and it is going to check the read and write performance of your hard disk. This is definitely a nice tool to check the disk speed for write and read load.

In addition to above mentioned tools, you will find many more tools on internet for the stress test of your Mac. It is advised to keep checking your machine for stress test to unveil any trouble which can harm your machine in future.

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