Google Allo Makes Conversations Eeasier, Productive, and more Expressive

Google just announced two new app Allo and Duo for iOS and Android with amazing features at their annual I/O event. Google introduced their latest apps and you can pre-register now. Allo is a smart messaging app which is powered by Google Assistant. This smart app is designed to enable users for unique conversations. This messaging app makes easy conversations, more expressive and productive.

Google Allo Features

The Google assistant
You can get answers, get things done and find any kind of information’s without leaving your conversations with Google Assistant. You can chat one on one with Google Assistant or you can also call Google Assistant to the group chat.
google assistant help sto answer in allo

Smart Reply
It has Smart Reply built which similar to inbox, you can respond to messages without typing a single word. Smart Reply learns time to time and will show you some suggestion that will in your style of chatting. Like it will learn what kind of person you are, what more you say hahaha or lolxxxx. The more you use Allo the more suggestions will comes.


Smart Reply also works with photos, on photos it will provides intelligent suggestions related to the photo. Like if someone sends you a picture of tacos then you will see suggestion like I love tacos or yummy.
google allo answer without typing

Incognito mode
Google creates incognito mode in allow which means all the chats in incognito mode will have discreet notifications and end-to-end encryption.

Whisper Shout
Have you ever trying to determine tone through messages you are sending?  This solve the through sliding button. If you shouting on someone, slide up to enlarge the text size and slide down to decrease the size of text.
google allo shout big letter whisper tiny text

Get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them.
google allo doodling ink

You can also your expressions using emoji and stickers that you use in your chat. These stickers are designed especially for Allo app but artists from all over the world.
google allo chat stickers

Pre-Register Google Allo

Go to Play Store and click on Pre-register button to register for this new app.

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