How to Directly Download APK from Google Play

You might want to download APK from Google Play directly, Due to download restrictions or any other reason. People using Android device around the world and Google Play tore have millions of apps to download. Downloading Android apps as APK file is simple and easy now. Google doesn’t allow to download their app files directly because they have pretty tight polices.

Why Download APK?

  • When you want to install App restricted to download in your country or region.
  • Want to install app on more that one device and don’t want to download for every device individually to save mobile data usage.
  • Just to download APK Android app files in computer and use them later. Collect all the favorite APK files to hard drive or any cloud storage and personally use them whenever we want.
  • There are lots of Android base tablets and mobile phone out there in the market and when you download any app from Play Store, it may shows message your device isn’t compatible. But, you know this app will work with your device.

How to Download APK from Google Play Store

There is a web based app called Evozo APK downloader that can help you to download APK from Google Play. You just need to put APK package name or Play Store URL to apps and generate download link for APK. Let’s see how to do that step by step.

  1. First open Google PlayStore website and browse the app that you want to download. After finding the app, copy the app URL from your browser.
    download google play app
  2. Now go to Evozi app downloader and paste the URL in text box “Package name or Google Play URL” that you copied in previous step.
    download apk from google play
  3. Now click on Generate Download Link button and your APK download link will be generated.
    apk direct download link
  4. Simply hit “Click here to download…” button to start downloading APK file.

Your file will be downloaded in no time. You can download apps, games from Google Play to your computer, tablet or phone using this method.  There are plenty of ways and website that offers these kind of service just Google it, You can use any of them if Evozi doesn’t works for you.

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