macOS Seirra 10.12 New Features

Apple announced MAC OS at its annual Developer Conference in San Francisco. This version of OS comes with some new major and some not major features and most important thing is it’s released with brand new name macOS instead OS X.

The expected name on this Apple OS was OS X 10.12 but now Apple change its name to macOS Sierra. This macOS 10.12 Sierra released with many new features like Siri introduced in this OS version, Mac unlocking, we have rounded-up macOS Sierra features take a look below.


siri macos seirra

As we expected Siri is now landed on the Mac. Siri first time launch in iPhone years ago. Siri added in iPad after iPhone, then in Apple watch new most recently it was in Apple TV but now finally in MAC.


Siri is a voice assistant she can do what you ask her. You will be able to search images online and it’s also have the ability to drag and drop those image into plethora of apps. Siri on Mac is all about multitasking, you can ask Siri to send a message to anyone in contact list while you’re working, you don’t have to stop or leave your work. For your big projects you can pin sports schedules, list of files, twitter feeds right into notification center and everything will be up to date.

Apple Pay

macos seirra apple pay

Apples Craig Federighi joked on stage that Apple Pay dragging your iMac into a coffee shop to pay your stuffs. Of course this is not true, this means using continuity with iPhone user can pay online for site and online stores which supports Apple payment service. When you making payment online, you will be prompted to your Apple Watch or iPhone for authentication.

Some rammers had suggested that at some point Apple maybe add ID fingerprint scanner, it’s still possible that touch ID may come to the Mac too.

Universal Clipboard

universal clipboard macos seirra

It’s still a clipboard but now this have some unique feature like we can pick information from one device to another device by simple copy from one device and paste it to another. In simple terms we can copy an image or select text or a video on your iPhone, you will be able to paste them to a document or email from Mac, or vice versa.

Auto Unlock

auto unlock macos seirra 1012

The major big feature of macOS Sierra is auto unlock, which lets your Mac detect your devices around it and unlock your Mac whenever it detects you are near to your Mac device without entering password, it detects person presence by iPhone or Apple watch. The more, it won’t unlock with anyone’s Apple watch or iPhone nearby.

Messages app overhaul

messaging macos seirra

Messages app like iOS 10 for macOS Sierra also gets watching video without leaving conversation, web link preview, reaction, celebration and better emoji.

Picture in Picture (PiP)

pip macos seirra

This Picture in Picture feature is pretty popular in iPad, now you can watch videos on your Mac while working on something. You will be able to have small video windows, videos on iTunes and Safari have new pop-up icon, click on it and video part will leave the webpage and take its own small window shape. You can also resize it as you need.

Photos app memories

macos seirra photos

This feature is also like iOS 10, it can create a collection of photos according to time, location, and event. It can also create an automatically video with theme music and title. This feature use intelligence system to scan and sense image to group them.


Fair to say no one saw this coming, but apparently you will be able to open up multiple tabs in some apps running on macOS Sierra 10.12. Now any app that supports multiple windows, gets tabs support which means you can have Maps open in multiple location at once, copy and paste text between different documents or switch more than one Mail email draft.

Desktop and Documents on all devices

mac desktop and documents on all devices

iCloud drive lets you access files on your desktop from any other Mac, iPhone or even iPad. Any file that you saved on you Mac OS desktop will be automatically show iCloucd Drive. You can access them on iPad or iPhone using iCloud Drive app. Even you can also access them on PC by installing iCoud App from windows store or by

Optimized Storage

macOS Sierra 10.12 have ability to upload the older files that are older than defined period of time to iCloud, if you are not using them. So using this technique you can get lots of free space on Mac.

It also suggests to delete the image that are not in used, duplicate files, caches, logs. This can also be achieved by third-part apps like CleanMyMac.


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