iOS 10 beta 3 New Features

Apple released iOS 10 beta 3 few days ago to developers with some variety of new tweaks, bug fixes and features but this iOS beta 3 is not as feature rich as iOS 10 beta 2.

With every iOS beta update Apple add some features and tweaks to refine iOS operating system. This update is available as over the air download for those who installed the beta configuration profile or first two betas.

Apple iOS 10 beta 3 new Features

Improve Apple’s Health app

There is new Improve Activity option in iOS 10 beta 3 that allows you to send your diagnostic and usage data information to Apple. To enable it simply navigate to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage. It can be also enabled when you first time open this app and a pop-up will show that gives you option to enable it.


Improvements for Messages app

Now photos are no longer automatically cropped to a square in the images picker view, allowing you to see the full shot before selecting images.

Also the bug is fixed that previously allowed to reply to message in the lock screen without unlocking the devices.

Haptic feedback when locking your iPhone

When you manually lock your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, now the devices gives a very gentle feedback tap to let you know your devices is secure but other iPhone models make sounds when they locked.

Lock screen

In iOS 10 beta 3 when you scroll below to check the notification the clock widget moved up.

Download direct from Mail and Safari to iCloud

This features is actually introduced in iOS 10 beta 2 but in beta 2 it’s not working. Now in beta 3 it’s possible, you can download files from the Safari directly to you iCloud account and from mail app.

AR Mode for Pokémon GO

AR mode is finally works with iOS 10 camera beta 3, with the very big success of augmented reality (AR) game, Pokémon GO users will be happy to know about AR mode is now works with iOS 10 camera.

Keyboard sound is back

Apple added keyboard sound in iOS 10 beta 1 but in beta 2 it was removed. Now it’s back in beta 3.

See which third-party apps use Siri

Now apple add new Siri support in setting which allows you to check which third party app is using Siri and access your data. Go to the Settings app > Siri.

iOS 10 beta 3 New Features

3D Touch Share option

Apple added 3d touch option in iOS 10 beta 1, now in beta 3 it is improved to include the app icon and full name. Previously it was just an icon.

Rest Finger to Open

This feature was introduced in iOS 10 beta 2 which allow users to unlock their devices using touch ID and resting your finger on the home button, like it was in iOS 9.x but this function was not working properly, bow its fixed in iOS 10 beta 3.

Apple Music

In new Apple music play lists are now subscribes instead of added to your library. It make little more transparent.

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