How to Block any Number for Messaging You in iOS 10

Until the release of iOS 10 blocking a number from calls, iMessages or text messages is very simple, you can block any number by going into details screen for message or call and then find the block option on there, whenever you received a call from any of your contacts or unknown number, you don’t want to talk to or received messages or iMessages.

In iOS 10 blocking a number from calling you is same as it was in iOS 9 but blocking for messages is bit different now in iOS 10. To block any number for messaging, you first need to add it to your contacts and then you can block it from Settings app.

Block any Number from Messaging You in iOS 10

  1. First open the Messages app then open message thread for the number you wanted to block from messaging you.
  2. Save the numbers, if you already have this number in your contact list then skip this step. Or if you don’t have received any messages from a number that you want to block then add it as a new contact to your contacts.
  3. Now open settings and then open messages.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Blocked option.
  5. Now on the block screen tap on Add new.
  6. Here select the contact you want to block from messaging you and save.

If the annoying number calling and messages you then you don’t need to add it to your contact list but if the annoying number just messaging then you have to add it in your contact list. This is odd because this features is pretty perfect in iOS 9.

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