iOS 10 Beta 5 Available for macOS Sierra 10.12, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3

Apple released beta 5 of iOS 10, macOS Sierra 10.12, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 to developer for testing and compatible devices with some new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

iOS 10 beta 5

This version of beta released with some bug fixes and improvements with build number 14A5335b. This beta 5 iOS 10 version is currently not available for public beta tester.

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Functionality not in iOS 10 beta 5

Functionality that requires adoption from App Store apps, such as iMessage apps, SiriKit, and Maps extensions, will not be available until those apps are able to adopt and submit to the Store

Functionality not in iOS 10 beta 5

  • App Store: While testing In-App Purchases in the sandbox, the first authentication dialog should no longer appear twice.
  • Binary Compatibility: Third party apps are now able to play back Music even if the Music app has been removed.
  • Messages: Photo thumbnails in Messages should no longer draw with incorrect zoom, which resulted in gray padding surrounding images.
  • Wallet: Pass update banners will no longer fail to show unless previous pass notifications are first cleared from Notification Center.
  • Accessories: Devices will no longer panic when using iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.
  • Apple TV: When setting up an Apple TV using Tap to Setup on an iOS device, you should be able to proceed beyond the Network Connected screen.
  • Bluetooth: Some customers using Bluetooth Low Energy-based hearing aids with an iPhone that is also connected to an Apple Watch should no longer hear occasional audio dropouts or skips.
  • Phone: After enabling speaker during a call, subsequent calls will no longer use speaker by default. When making back-to-back Emergency CS 911calls, the Dialer UI no longer displays “911 calling” instead of “911 Emergency call-calling”.

Download iOS 10 beta 5 from here.

macOS Sierra 10.12 beta 5

macOS Sierra 10.12 beta 5 released for developers for testing with build number 16A286a. You can update you Macs to this version of macOS Sierra form over-the-air. If you en-roll the apple developers program.

Check new features of macOS Sirra and also the complete list ofcompatible devices list of macOS Sierra.

This build is being provided to you for testing and development purposes. Should you encounter any problems, please submit a bug report using the online Bug Reporter at Please make sure to include “10.12 (16A270f )” in the bug title and description. This information will ensure that your bug is processed quickly.

Apple Released beta 5 of iOS 10, macOS Sierra 10.12, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3

Fixed in this release

  • iTunes: Artwork is now displayed for rented movies.
  • Setup Assistant: iCloud Preferences no longer appears during Setup Assistant.
  • Apple Pay: Mac is now able to discover Apple Pay-capable phone or watch to complete payment.
  • Keychain Access: Microsoft OneDrive can now store credentials in Keychain.

Download macOS Sierra 10.12 beta 5 from here.

watchOS 3 beta 5

Apple released watchOS 3 beta 54 with build number 14S5315a to developer for testing’s. Attempting to install watchOS 3 beta 5 in an unauthorized may could put your device to unstable state.

Fixed in this release

  • Xcode: When using Watch Connectivity in watchOS Simulator, the debugging console sometimes prints out excessive amounts of logging indicating WCSessionState changes.
  • Siri: When the user makes a Siri request that involves a deleted app, Siri may not provide the intended response.

Download watchOS 3 beta 5 from here.

tvOS 10 beta 5

Apple released tvOS 10 beta 5 with build number 14T5321a to developers for testing.

For Apple TV (4th generation). Apple TV (3rd generation) and earlier are not supported. Install configuration profile directly on your device to receive OTA updates.

Apple Released beta 5 of iOS 10, macOS Sierra 10.12, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3

Fixed in this release

  • Music: Known Issue – Recently Added artwork in the Top Shelf extension may not appear.

Frameworks were added to tvOS 10 beta 5

  • HomeKit
  • Photos
  • UserNotifications
  • ExternalAccessory
  • MultipeerConnectivity
  • ReplayKit

Download tvOS 10 beta 5 from here.


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