How to Boost WiFi Signals at Home or Office

Being a tech guy lot of friends always ask me how can I boost up my WiFi. The answer to this question that actually there are few things that can help you to boost WiFi signal at your home or office. You need to boost wireless network and this usually required when you are in a big house or office or you live on the second floor whether wifi device is installed on another floor and signals drops due to hurdles like walls.

How to boost WiFi Singals

boost wifi signals

WiFi extender or access point

You can extend the range of your wireless network by using an access point or router that can be connected to existing wireless device wired or wirelessly and help to extend the range of wifi. If you don’t have any extender or access point device then you may consider buying one, few devices are listed below.

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USB wireless adapter

Your computer might be old or internal network adapter isn’t good enough to handle wifi signal very well then you can try using a USB wireless adapter for your computer it’s cheap and very effective. This adapter will increase the signal reception.


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Update firmware

Wireless router and other device manufacturer keep releasing a new firmware update for their device when they found something wrong with the device. So you must keep updating your router firmware as well for secured and optimized wireless network.

Update drivers

look for updated driver for your wireless adapter hardware and keep up to date that may help you to get more speed and wifi range. So go ahead to the websites of your computer’s network card manufacturer and check if the new driver is available to download. If you found something updated then download and update it.

Change the Wireless Channel

If there are a lot of wireless network broadcasting in your area then there might be conflicts due to the same channel number of two networks. You can change the network channel to auto so let the wifi router decide which channel is best for you or modify it to specific if you know what is best for you. Using an app on your mobile you can analyze channels of wireless networks in your area and then decide a different number channel for your own WiFi.

tplink-wireless-network-channel ptcl-wireless-network-channel

To change your wireless network channel you need to access WiFi device settings. As showing above in screenshots similar settings will be available in you wireless network device.

Share your ideas to boost the wireless signal at the office or home, you can post a comment below.

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