15 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Data organization, analysis, and storage are the most important tasks for any functional institution to stay up to the mark in the corporate world. All these tasks have been performed actively using an interactive computer application known to us as a spreadsheet, which allows to display and manage the data in tabular form. Out of all previously developed software for spreadsheets, Microsoft excel has the largest market to share and is still adding ease by introducing the more viable option for its users.

The 15 excel shortcuts from the latest version would help you gain a better understanding of plotting and analyzing data on spreadsheets.

1 Alt Allow access to the ribbon through the keyboard to use all the given options. To quit the action the user needs to press the “Esc” key
2 F5 Shows a Go to window that can allow the user to go to a particular cell.
3 Ctrl + Shift + ; Inserts the current time on the selected cell.
4 Ctrl + ; Inserts the current date on the selected cell.
5 Alt + Shift + F1 Inserts new sheet to the selected document.
6 Ctrl + 1 Opens a Format cells window that contains formatting options for the selected text.
7 F11 Creates and shows the chart of the selected data.
8 Ctrl + F9 Minimizes the current Excel window to the task bar.
9 Ctrl + F10 Maximizes the selected Excel window.
10 Ctrl + F3 Opens the Excel Name Manager window.
11 Ctrl + Space Selects the entire column of the selected cell.
12 Shift + Space Selects the entire row of the selected cell.
13 Ctrl + – Deletes the selected column or row.
14 Ctrl + Shift + = Opens the Insert window that can allow insertion of new row or column.
15 Ctrl + Home Moves to the cell A1.

The provided 15 very quick and easy shortcuts are handy for navigating between Microsoft excel options. They are based on the latest version but would also function for Microsoft Excel 2013 or less. If you want to gain mastery in managing all your data operations on excel, these shortcuts would surely help contribute adequately to achieve your objective.

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