How to Fix an Unresponsive iPhone Home Button

If you are having a problem with your iPhone home button and you have left no warranty for your iPhone, these techniques will help you to solve your problem. There isn’t a single way to keep your phone safe and secure, there always be a chance of losing or having a problem with something because a machine is a machine.

When Apple launched iPhone 5 with its latest features, the phenomena of using home button has changed a bit but the older phones of Apple are still facing this hectic problem

If you think that your iPhone is within the given warranty and you have faced no issue of an accident with your iPhone, we strongly recommend you to visit the Apple store and replace your home button and see if your iPhone needs something more to repair.


For those who have a problem with iPhone home button and have no warranty left to repair it for free from Apple store can always try our 4 ways to fix their problem.

Note: if you perform these number 2 and number 3 methods improperly your phone can be damaged so we warned you before doing any action.

Calibrate (and possibly restore)

Your day is lucky if your iPhone is getting a problem with the software and because of that, your home button is facing the issue. To find out if the problem is with software, you need to calibrate your home button just follow step by step to do.

Open any app on your iPhone, then press the Sleep button for some seconds until the option “slide to power off” appears. When it does, leave the Sleep button and now you need to hold the Home button for 10 to 15 secs and the app will automatically close.

If this simple method has helped you to solve your problem, you are the luckiest one with this solution. If it hasn’t solved your problem yet then you need to restore your iPhone before going to any further step.

Clean the home button

An iPhone’s home button can be damaged by the dirt, a stain of any drink, or the pressure it gets in your pocket. Any of these things can cause this problem.

Turn off your iPhone, Now you need to have isopropyl alcohol in order to clean the home button. You need to put a couple of drops of the isopropyl alcohol directly on the home button. Make sure your screen is safe from it. Now take an erase and simply tap the home button with it so isopropyl alcohol can seep into the frame of the home button.

Now take cotton and wipe the home button carefully and clean it. Wait for 20 to 25 minutes before taking any step to check the home button.

Realign the docking port

Another method for the solution of this problem is called wear and tear. Maybe the docking port is unbalanced and not properly at his position. Any repairer will tell you to replace your home button but we have a different solution to this problem.

Take your USB cable and plug it into your device. Then, carefully push down on the 30 pin connector, so it will put force and will push the home button a little up. While putting force on it, press the home button. Now unplug your USB cable and check your phone if this method solved your problem.

Enable the on-screen home button

The last and the only solution, if you don’t want to replace your home button with the new one and our previous methods have not provided any help to you.

The last and very helpful solution to this problem is to activate the home screen button. By enabling this option you will have access to all the functions of the home button. It is a very common solution to this problem.

  1. To get access to the Home screen button.
  2. Unlock your iPhone and then go to settings.
  3. Now go to General.
  4. Then go to Accessibility and then Assistive touch.
  5. Turn the Assistive touch on and you will have a small circle appear on the screen of your iPhone.

By activating this button you will have access to Siri, home and many more things. It will give you access to playback control, and multitasking. If you are anywhere in your iPhone just tap this home screen button and it will take you to the home screen.

You can press the home button and drag it to anywhere you want it to stay. This isn’t a very ideal solution to this problem. But you can try it when you have decided to replace it with a new Home button.

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