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How to Control Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro

Got the brand-new Apple AirPods Pro? Here is how you can control Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro connected with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. So many users have bought all the new Apple AirPods Pro and now this tutorial for those who want to know about the active noise cancellation feature. This article has covered [...]

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How to Pair Apple AirPods with PC [Windows 10]

Are you the one who bought Apple AirPods, and a Windows PC user? Don’t worry! Here is how you can pair Apple AirPods with Windows 10 PC. Not only that you can connect AirPods with any Bluetooth supported device. Another day, another amazing tutorial for those who are using AirPods with their iPhone but do [...]

How to Update AirPods Firmware

Is your AirPods firmware up to date? learn how to check the installed version of firmware and how you can update your Apple AirPods Firmware. Apple released a new edition of AirPods for those who love the update and noise cancellation feature. All the new AirPods Pro comes with improvements and new features. These features [...]