How to Update AirPods Firmware

Is your AirPods firmware up to date? learn how to check the installed version of firmware and how you can update your Apple AirPods Firmware.

Apple released a new edition of AirPods for those who love the update and noise cancellation feature. All the new AirPods Pro comes with improvements and new features. These features will force you to upgrade your old ones with this. Apple AirPods Pro comes with two different modes. One is a transparent mode and the other one is noise cancellation mode. AirPods Pro is now available on all the Apple Stores and authorized resellers. You can purchase them or if you have already purchased them then this tutorial is for you.

This method is also useful for those who wanna troubleshot AirPods Pro in any case. Like, sometime the connection may fail or noise cancellation feature may not work properly. Do not worry, we have found an easy fix for all the issues you may experience.

Usually, your AirPods Pro may not work properly when the firmware is outdated or older. In order to fix the issues, you must have your AirPods firmware updated. So, you can check the next steps to make sure your AirPods are updated.


AirPods Updates Automatically

Usually, you don’t need to update the firmware manually if you do this.

  • Your AirPods are connected to an iOS device and within the range of that device.
  • Your AirPods are in the charging case either its Qi wireless charger or a wired and connected to a power source.

If you do the above steps then your AirPods will take care of all the new firmware updates and you don’t need to do anything. Anyhow, you may want to check the currently installed version of firmware to make sure its really a current version. So, here is how to check AirPods firmware version and other related information.

How to check AirPods‌ firmware version

If you really need to check the currently installed firmware version on AirPods then follow the steps given below. You might need to update the firmware to the latest version.

Open up the Settings app on your iOS device and then Tap General > About > AirPods (e.g. TW’s AirPods).
Here, you can check not only AirPods firmware version but, Model Number, Serial Number, and Hardware version as well.

How to Update AirPods Pro Firmware using iPhone

You need to do the following steps if you found your AirPods are not updated to the latest version.

  1. Make sure your AirPods are showing in the iOS device and you can check that:
  2. Open the Settings app on iOS device got to General > About, and here you will see your device’s name.
  3. If your AirPods are showing here. Put them in the charging case and connect the charger to the power source.
  4. Place the AirPods and iOS device nearby and let it update automatically.

If any update is available this will auto-update. However, if no update is available and your AirPods Pro are still facing issues, try a reset.

Just open the lid of your AirPods Pro and keep holding the button present on the case. Your device will see them as factory restored. Try connecting now. I hope you will have no issues after this.

However, if you still have any issues, you can share it with us in the comments below. We will help you in fixing the issue.

That’s all for today. Keep visiting us. For more exciting tutorials on iOS 13, iPadOS, iPhone, MacBook, and other Apple-related stuff you can rely on us. Subscribe to our Newsletter for push notifications on your device. Signing out, Peace.

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