How to Pair BlackBerry PlayBook with a Bluetooth Enabled Device

You can pair Bluetooth enabled devices with your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet including Smart phone, wireless keyboard, Bluetooth headsets, etc. Now, through the instructions below you will learn the process to pair Bluetooth enabled device to your PlayBook tablet. Pair BlackBerry PlayBook with a Bluetooth enabled devices Step-1 From home screen of PlayBook tap on “Settings” [...]

Transfer Files Using Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you want to transfer documents, pictures, videos or other stuff through bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Tab then see how to pair your Galaxy Tab with other Bluetooth enabled devices and send or receive files. Step-1 Press “Menu” button on your Samsung Galaxy tab Step-2 Tap on “Settings” > “Wireless and Networks” Step-3 Tap on [...]

How to Pair Bluetooth Headset with Windows Phone 7 Mobile

If you want to pair Bluetooth headset with or any other Bluetooth accessory like Speakers, car kits here is the guide to Pair Bluetooth device with Windows Phone 7 mobile. Pair Bluetooth Headset with Windows Phone 7 Mobile Step-1 Tap “Arrow” on Start screen or Slide to left on Window Phone 7 mobile. Step-2 Tap [...]

How to Use Bluetooth Headset with Mac

If you have a bluetooth headset for your mobile phone then you can use the same headset with your Mac computer as well. So to use Bluetooth headset with Mac computer follow the method written below. This guide is created using Mac OS X Snow leopard. Use Bluetooth headset with Mac Step-1 Click on “Mac” [...]

How to Use Wireless Keyboard with iPhone 4

You can use Apple wireless keyboard with your iPhone 3GS or later. You must pair the wireless keyboard with iPhone through Bluetooth. lets see how to pair wireless keyboard with iPhone using bluetooth. Connect wireless keyboard with iPhone. Step-1 Tap “Settings” icons on iPhone and choose General > Bluetooth. Step-2 Tap the “Bluetooth” switch if [...]

How to Turn Bluetooth Off on Mac

Turning Bluetooth off can save your MacBook battery, so if you are not using Bluetooth then its a good idea to turn it off. Turn Bluetooth off on Mac OS X Snow Leopard Click on Apple menu and select “System Preferences”. Click on “Bluetooth” icon under “Internet and Wireless” section. Uncheck the “On” checkbox if [...]