Bluetooth Icon Is Not Showing on Windows 10 in the Taskbar / Notifications Area

The Bluetooth icon in the taskbar can be used to quickly connect to the devices. I accidentally remove the icon and couldn’t find any option in the taskbar settings to bring it back. This is how to fix the problem when the Bluetooth icon is not showing in the taskbar or notification area on Windows 10. My computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth but I am using a Bluetooth dongle. But, this method will also work for built-in bluetooth as well.

Bluetooth icon is not showing in Windows 10

If you also can’t see the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar then here is how to show that.

  1. Click the Start button, select Settings from the menu.
  2. On the Settings Windows, Go to the Devices section.
  3. On the left side, select the Bluetooth and Other Devices option. Make sure Bluetooth is turned On and after that, under the related settings on the right side or at the bottom, click the More Bluetooth option.
  4. On the next window, check the option Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

After that, you will see the Bluetooth icon in the notifications area. See also: Share files and folders over the network Windows 10

bluetooth icon showing in the taskbar


Show the Bluetooth icon in the action center/notification area

If you do not see the Bluetooth quick action icon here in the action center then here is how to show it.

    1. Right-click anywhere in the action center and select “Edit”
      edit action center icons
    2. Click the Add button and select Bluetooth from the menu. add bluetooth icon action center
    3. You will see the Bluetooth action icon will be added to the list. Click Done to save it.bluetooth icon added to notification area


After adding it to the actions list, click it to turn it on. Now, you will be able to see the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar.

If you followed all the above steps, Bluetooth is turned on, but the icon still not showing. Please check the Bluetooth driver, Right-click the Start button > Device Manager. Remove the current Bluetooth driver and reinstall it.

I hope this guide worked for you, please leave a comment below and share your experience.


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