How to Backup Your Browser Bookmarks [Firefox, Chrome, IE]

If you want to backup or transfer your browser’s bookmarks then almost all browser gives option to backup or export bookmarks as a file. Most common bookmark backup file is HTML that you can import in other browsers easily. In this guide you will see how to export bookmarks or favorites from major browsers like [...]

How to Create and Access Boomarks in iBooks

The iBooks app on iPhone and iPad not only stores your ebooks but also let you allow to bookmark pages within books for future references. Through guide below you learn how you can create bookmarks for a book in iBooks on iPhone and iPad. Create Bookmarks within a Book in iBooks Step-1 Tap on iBooks [...]

How to Backup and Restore Firefox Bookmarks

Most of the people bookmark their favorite websites and these bookmarked links must be backed up. You can backup Firefox bookmarks on Mac or PC, which you may transfer to another computer or restore when you install fresh OS. Step 1 Just launch Firefox, from the “Bookmarks” menu click on “Organize Bookmarks…” option Step 2 [...]