How to Backup Your Browser Bookmarks [Firefox, Chrome, IE]

If you want to backup or transfer your browser’s bookmarks then almost all browser gives option to backup or export bookmarks as a file. Most common bookmark backup file is HTML that you can import in other browsers easily. In this guide you will see how to export bookmarks or favorites from major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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Mozila Firefox

In Firefox you can export bookmarks as an HTML or JSON. If you want to transfer bookmarks to another browser then I recommend you to backup bookmarks as HTML file, because other browsers don’t may not have option to import JSON file.


Run Firefox to backup and migrate your Firefox bookmarks, press Crtl+Shift+B or click on Firefox button on the top-left corner and click “Bookmarks” > “Show All Bookmarks”. To backup bookmarks as HTML file click on “Export book marks to HTML”.


Google Chrome

Open Chrome browser and then press Ctrl+Shift+O keys from keyboard to open Bookmark Manager, alternatively you can click on “Customize Google Chrome button “.


Here, to export bookmarks, click on “Organize” menu and select “Export bookmarks to HTML file” option. From the same “organize” menu you can import bookmarks later using “Import bookmarks from HTML file” option.


Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer bookmarks called favorites so don’t confused. To open Import and Export wizard of Internet Explorer click on favorite icon and then click on tiny arrow on the right side of Add to favorite button and then select “Import and Export…” option from the menu.


This will open a wizard and you need to choose few options like first select “Export to a file” option and hit next button


Select the “Favorite” check-box and click on Next button.


If you have organized your favorites in IE into different folder then you may need to select few of them or all to export as HTML file. So select your favorite folders and click Next button to continue.


On this window give a proper name to backup file and hit Export button to save the file and finish this wizard.


You will see successfully exported message once done.



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