How to Copy and Paste Text as Plain Text without Formatting

Everyone searches something on the internet either he or she is a student, business man or you name it and while searching many times we need to copy the text using shortcut keys Ctrl+C or copy and paste using the context menu. After copying text the formation also copies along with the text by default [...]

How to Enable Offline Browsing in Firefox

To make web browser lightning faster, your web browser downloads all the resources such as JavaScript files, images and CSS (styles sheets) into web browsers cache. After that whenever you visit that site again your browser will load all data from it cache rather than downloading from website server. Which means website will load lightning [...]

View or Delete Saved Passwords in Different Browsers

Every browser have built-in function to save your website usernames and passwords. If you logged in on any website using your username and password browser will ask you to save it or not and if you saved your login information then it will automatically fill that information for you when next time visit that website [...]

Turn Your Browser into a Notepad or Text Editor [Firefox, Chrome, Opera]

If you use browser most of the time and you may want to take few quick notes during a phone call. In this quick and dirty trick you’ll learn how to write notes without leaving your browser application. Using little code shortcut you will turn your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera browsers into notepad. [...]

How to Backup Your Browser Bookmarks [Firefox, Chrome, IE]

If you want to backup or transfer your browser’s bookmarks then almost all browser gives option to backup or export bookmarks as a file. Most common bookmark backup file is HTML that you can import in other browsers easily. In this guide you will see how to export bookmarks or favorites from major browsers like [...]

How to Change Default Search Engine in Chrome and Firefox

If you want to change search engine on your computer then guide below will help you to do that easily. Users of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers can follow guide below to change default search engine through their web browser’s settings. Change Default Search Engine in Chrome Step-1 Open Google Chrome and click on [...]

Firefox 18 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Mozilla web browser Firefox 18 for desktop computers is out there with new features, high resolution Retina support for Mac computers, new JavaScript compiler, IonMonkey etc. “Firefox’s new JavaScript compiler, IonMonkey, makes Web apps and games perform up to 25 percent faster. To see how exciting Firefox makes playing games or using apps on the [...]

Firefox 14 Available Now

A new updated Firefox 14 web browser by Mozilla is out there which integrates now the default HTTP support for users who just forget to enable this feature while they are searching over internet. Firefox 14 Updates: Google searches now utilize HTTPS Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion implemented Plugins can now be [...]

Firefox 13 Available Now

Revamped Firefox 13 web browser by Mozilla is out there and available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, includes Home page and redesigned new tab page with some other performance improvements. You can download latest Firefox 13 for your required desktop OS via link below. Download Firefox 13 for Windows Download Firefox 13 for Mac Download Firefox [...]

How to Hide Facebook Timeline in Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers

By the end of last year Facebook rolled out TimeLine, a new profile layout to all of its users world wide. A lot of people are there who do not like TimeLine but they can not roll back to the old Facebook look as company does not provide any way to do that, so you [...]

How to Read .ePub ebooks in Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers

If you find some e-books online and those are in ePub format, and you wish to read those right inside your web browser, then you must know that its not possible to open ePub file in a web browser without having some specific extension for your web browser. So, the guide below will let you [...]

Firefox 11 Available Now

Few days back Mozilla celebrated Tin anniversary of Firefox web browser, and now it has released another new major release Firefox 11 for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Firefox 11 with new features integration promised earlier to make the performance of browser a step ahead as compare to Firefox 10 final, so it includes ability to [...]

How to Block Websites in Firefox

There is an Add-on available for Mozila Firefox named “BlockSite” which helps users to block websites of their choices and password protect the settings to stop unauthorized changes. So just follow the simple process written below to block sites in Firefox. Block Web Sites in Firefox Step 1 Add BlockSite extension to Firefox Click on [...]

How to Change Default Download Location of Firefox

Firefox web browser is most commonly used in IT industry and if you want to change the default Download folder of your Firefox web browser to make the access easy to downloaded files then follow the steps written below to make settings in your Firefox web browser according to your choice. Step 1 Open Firefox, [...]

How to Backup and Restore Firefox Bookmarks

Most of the people bookmark their favorite websites and these bookmarked links must be backed up. You can backup Firefox bookmarks on Mac or PC, which you may transfer to another computer or restore when you install fresh OS. Step 1 Just launch Firefox, from the “Bookmarks” menu click on “Organize Bookmarks…” option Step 2 [...]

Add Facebook Chat in Firefox Sidebar

We have already written about how to add Facebook chat in iChat on Mac, and now we are going to tell you how to add Facebook chat to Firefox and in this way it became possible for users to be in touch with their Facebook friends all the time while they are working over internet [...]

How to Enable or Disable JavaScript in Different Browsers

Different browsers requires that you must enable javascript of your browser. To enable javascript following instructions describe you how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Enable Javascript in Internet Explorer (7.0) 1. Select Tools > Internet Options. 2. Click on the Security tab. 3. Click the Custom Level button. 4. Scroll down to the Scripting [...]

How to Enable Cookies in Different Browsers

Cookies are small files created on the internet user’s computer to store little information. Cookies information may be user name, date, time etc. The use of Cookies files by many of the websites is to identify the users who have visited the website or registered previously. Now we come to the core idea of this [...]