How to Copy and Paste Text as Plain Text without Formatting

Everyone searches something on the internet either he or she is a student, business man or you name it and while searching many times we need to copy the text using shortcut keys Ctrl+C or copy and paste using the context menu. After copying text the formation also copies along with the text by default either formatting is font size, font color, font family or web links, website code/objects and many of us don’t want that formatting.

To remove the formatting of the text which is copied from the web, there are plenty of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions available to accomplish this task. You can also copy the text and then paste it to notepad or text document and then again copy from there and paste where ever you want but there is another way to do this. Some documents also provide the special pasting option including Microsoft Word.

This little trick will save your one step by copying and pasting text in notepad or text document or using any third party tools.

Paste Text as Plain Text without formatting

Old version users need to use the plugins and extensions to copy and paste text as plain text but now it’s very easy on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. First, copy the text from anywhere.
  2. Now navigate to Microsoft word, or in any rich text editor where you want to paste it and simply press the Ctrl + Shift + V and you are done. The text will be paste without formatting as a plan text.

This trick will work on all the rich text editors in a web page like Office 365 documents, Email web interface, Google Docs, and more.

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Leza August 29, 2018, 9:05 am

Can i copy n paste anything

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