How to use App Shortcut Feature in Nougat 7.1

Google new smartphones Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL gets the latest Android Nougat version 7.1 with some extra features. But the good news is now nexus devices also getting Nougat 7.1 update but on Nexus devices, some features are not available as compared to Pixel devices like Pixel Camera app, Unlimited Google Photo Backup, and 24/7 support.

There is a feature app shortcut; it’s available to all the nexus devices which receiving android nougat 7.1 updates. This feature is like more or less Apple iOS 3D touch which was introduced in Apple iPhone 6S. This feature goes beyond similar to the other smartphones functionality.

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App shortcut lets you access some quick settings for an app like in Google Maps if you want to jump on the specific location or wants to check what’s hot today on YouTube; you don’t have to open Google Maps or YouTube. Just use that app shortcut feature to accomplish these kinds of tasks. In short, it’s very handy feature to customize your phone according to your way and really helps you in many ways.


This feature is available for just Google new Pixel and Pixel XL devices, also for those who have Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Pixel C and also you must enroll Android Nougat 7.1 beta programs to test new features. Back few days we covered How to Enable Split View in Android Nougat 7.0, now let’s check out how to use App Shortcut in Android Nougat 7.1.

How to use App Shortcut Feature in Nougat 7.1

It’s very simple to use Android app shortcut, simply press and hold on app icon from your home screen. Those app quick shortcuts will show but app must have support for that feature.

How to use App Shortcut Feature in Nougat 7.1 How to use App Shortcut Feature in Nougat 7.1

This feature is available for many Google to make apps like:

  • My Library
  • Recent Activity
  • Play Movies
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Photos
  • Camera
  • Phone (dialer)
  • Google Maps
  • Google Play Store
  • YouTube
  • Messenger (SMS)
  • New conversation
  • Gmail
  • Photos
  • Clock
  • Drive
  • Settings
  • Contacts
  • Play Books

Some third party apps also get app shortcut support like Evernote. For other apps, you have to wait unit developers add support for this feature.

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