View or Delete Saved Passwords in Different Browsers

Every browser have built-in function to save your website usernames and passwords. If you logged in on any website using your username and password browser will ask you to save it or not and if you saved your login information then it will automatically fill that information for you when next time visit that website again. Its not recommended  to save your password in browsers, specially if you computer is used by different persons. If you accidentally saved your password and want to clear or view this information, let’s see that how to delete saved passwords in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

Delete Saved Passwords Chrome

  • Open “Settings” by typing “chrome://settings” in your address bar or by clicking on “customize and control Google Chrome” button at top right corner and select Settings.1
  • Scroll-down to the bottom and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • In the “Passwords and forms” section click on Manage saved passwords.
    manage passwords google chrome
  • A new pop-up window will show with the list of all the websites with saved usernames and passwords. Passwords will be hidden for the security purpose, you can view password  by clicking on “Show” button and delete them by clicking on “X” icon.
    view saved passwords chrome

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on “Menu” button at top right corner and select options.
  • A new dialog box will show different options. Open security tab and click on saved passwords.
  • On the next window you can view saved passwords list. Passwords are hidden for security reasons, you can show theme by clicking in “Show Passwords” button at the button of that box.

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the “Gear” icon at top right corner of IE and select Internet Options.
  • On the Internet Option dialog, open “Content” tab and select “Settings” from AutoComplete section.
  • Click on Manage Passwords from AutoComplete settings dialog box.
  • Credential Mangers will open with the list of all the stored passwords. Click on “Expand icon” and click on “Show” to view password and hit “Remove” to delete your saved password.

You can also clear the complete browsing history by clearing browsing data in chrome and other browsers. You can find this option in Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers with slightly different name. Using this clearing data option in different browsers you can select few option like browsing history, download history, cache, forms data, passwords and more…


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