How to Disable/Enable Bounce Effect of Dock Icons on Mac

some people likes the Dock icon bounce effect and some don’t. Anway either if you want to disable of enable it here is the method. Read the following guide to know the process to disable or enable bouncing effect of application Dock icons on Mac. How to Disable/Enable Bounce Effect of Dock Icons Step 1 [...]

How to Set a Folder to Save Screen Shots on Mac

Whenever you take the screen shots on Mac it directly save those on desktop. This would be better if you specify a  folder on Mac to automatically save the screen shots because in that way it’ll be easy to organize them. So, if you want to change the default storage location, which is the desktop [...]

How to Take Screen Shots on Mac with Keyboard Short Keys

To take a screen shot on Mac is not a difficult task, you just have to remember some keyboard shortcut keys and create quick screen shots according to your requirement. Here we share some methods to take screen shots on Mac. Save Mac screen shots on desktop Use following commands to take screen shots according [...]