How to Delete Apps in Mac OS X Lion

If you are wondering to get rid of some apps on your Mac OS X Lion which are purchased from Mac App Store, then the guide below will help out to do that. How to Delete Apps in OS X Lion Step-1 Get logged in on your Mac through administrator account and click on “Launchpad” [...]

How to Reset iOS Apps

If any installed app on your iPhone is creating some problem while running then there are two methods to make it working proper. First you can quit and relaunch the application, secondly delete the app from your device and install it again via App Store. Now, through guide below you will learn the processes to [...]

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad 2

If you have a bulk amount of apps on your iPad then definitely its quite onerous to handle them all and probably you are thinking to uninstall some of those apps from your device. So, the guide written below will help you to know the process to uninstall / delete apps from iPad. How to [...]