How to Create Ringtone for iPhone 4 using iTunes

Apple iPhone 4 is really nice phone and lot of people using it. When you have your favorite phone then you must have your favorite ringtone on your iPhone. Instead of purchasing ringtones for iPhone 4 you can create free ringtones using iTunes from your favorite music files. We already written an iPhone guide to [...]

How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Gmail Using iTunes

We already posted how to export iPhone contacts as CSV file in Windows 7 or in Windows XP. iTunes gives another option to sync iPhone contact with Gmail. Follow the given steps below to Sync contacts with your Gmail account. Download and install iTunes if you don’t have already on your system. Run iTunes and [...]

How to Export iPhone Contacts [Windows XP]

We already written a guide to Export iPhone contacts in Windows 7. Now lets see how we can export iPhone contact in Windows XP as CSV file and you can open this csv file in Excel or you can import this iPhone contacts file in any other email application or mobile device. You just need [...]

How to Export iPhone Contacts [Windows 7]

If you are going to change your iPhone or just want to take backup of your iPhone contacts, here is a simple way to export your iPhone contacts as csv file in Windows 7 and you can open this csv file in Excel. You just need your iPhone and iTunes running in Windows7. Windows XP [...]

How to Transfer eBooks to iPad

To transfer books from computer to iPad you must have books in ePub file format and available on your PC or Mac. If you have some books in PDF file format and want to convert into ePub file then first see how to convert PDF to ePubs. Lets see how to transfer DRM-free ebooks to [...]

How to Convert PDF to ePub Format

The iBooks is the ebooks application introduced by Apple to manage and read ebooks library on iPad and iPhone. Books file format used in iBooks app is ePub. But if you have some ebooks already in PDF format and want to convert those to ePub to read in iBooks app. So, here is simple method [...]

Transfer Apps from iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes or Computer

If you have some items purchased in your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you want to transfer these items from iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes. You can transfer these items to any iTunes/computer that is authorized by iTunes Store user name and password. This guide will work on both Windows and Mac and iTunes [...]

How to Create iTunes Account without Credit Card/Paypal

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? then you must know that in order to download and install apps from App Store, as you should know, you’ll need to register an iTunes App Store account and creation of this account requires Credit Card or some other payment options. What if you do not have a credit [...]

How to Create Ringtones using iTunes and Transfer to iPhone

Create iPhone ringtones free by using iTunes and music files that you have on your computer; you don’t need to pay for iPhone ringtones. Just follow the guide below to create iPhone ringtones and then transfer to your iPhone for free. This method works on both Windows and Mac. Requirements Download and install iTunes Song [...]