How to Customize Windows 10 Lock Screen

If you have been using Windows 7 or any older operating system, Windows 10 will definitely bring lot more new features for you. Lock screen of Windows 10 has interesting options which can be used to make it more useful. Lock screens are no more static screens with only user’s avatar and boring mono color [...]

Display Contact info on Login/Lock Screen of OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion gives an option to add a message on login or lock screen, showing “If found please return…” and contact info on the screen is great idea incase of missplaced, lost or theft. Follow the given instruction to display a message on login or Lock screen on OS X Lion. Step-1 Open [...]

Use Side Switch to Lock Screen Rotation on iPad 2

You can quickly lock/unlock screen rotation on iPad 2 just with its side switch instead of going through long Settings process all the time. But still you have to make some Settings for side switch button to enable it for quick Lock Screen Rotation on iPad 2. So, continue reading to find the trick. Step-1 [...]

How to Lock Screen Orientation on BlackBerry PlayBook

Using the lock orientation option on PlayBook you can lock the orientation of the device to portrait or landscape. See how to lock the screen orientation below. Lock screen orientation of PlayBook On BlackBerry PlayBook home screen, tap orientation lock icon from status bar and turn the switch on. If you are inside any app [...]