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How to Find MAC Address on Windows 8

Every device with a network card has a unique Media Access Control, MAC address which is the combination of numbers from 0-9, and letters from A-F, separated by a ‘dash’ or ‘colon’ between each pair of characters. Mac address is used for the communication over physical networks. For example a network administrator requires Mac addresses [...]

View MAC Address on Samsung Galaxy S4

The steps written below help you to find Wi-Fi Mac address of your Samsung Galaxy S4 device. So, continue reading after the break to know the process to view Galaxy S4 Mac address. Find Samsung Galaxy S4 Mac Address Step-1 From home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S4 tap on “Apps” icon and then tap [...]

How to Find Wireless MAC Address on BlackBerry PlayBook

Your wireless network at office or home may have MAC filtering enabled then to connect to wireless network you must need wireless MAC address of your PlayBook device, so follow the given steps to find MAC address on PlayBook tablet. On PlayBook home screen, tap Settings icon on status bar Tap WiFi on the left [...]

Find Motorola XOOM MAC Address

MAC Address is a hardware unique code assigned by the hardware manufacturer. If you need to know the Wi-Fi MAC Address of Motorola XOOM device to connect your Motorola XOOM to a network or due to any other reason then follow the given steps below. Tap “App” from the home screen Tap Settings icon Tap [...]

Find Mac Address on Samsung Galaxy Tab

MAC Address is unique hardware address of any Wireless or Ethernet capable device. To find Mac Address on Galaxy Tab you can use one of the following methods. Find Mac Address from Galaxy Tab WiFi Settings Step-1 On “Home” screen, tap “Menu” key > “Settings” Step-2 Then tap on “Wireless and network” > “Wi-Fi settings” [...]

How to Find MAC Address on Mac OS X

We already posted how to find MAC address on PC and now here you can see how to find MAC address on Mac. Just follow the given steps to find this. Find MAC address on Mac Select “System Preferences” from “Apple” menu. Click on “Network” icon to open network settings. Select the “AirPort” icon and [...]

How to Find Wireless MAC Address on Windows 7

Every network capable device must have unique MAC address assigned by the manufacturer. Media Access Control (MAC) address is hexadecimal code separated with colon “:” or hyphen “-” and MAC address is unique even two devices of same type. Most common use of MAC addresses by the network administrators is to allow a specific list [...]