Scan Documents with iPhone & iPad

How to Scan Documents on iPhone & iPad with Notes App

Here is a quick method to scan documents with Notes app on iPhone and iPad. There’s no need to install any third-party application anymore. Just do it with this 2-minute method on your iPhone or iPad. Another amazing day, another tutorial for all those who are looking for something new in iOS 13 and obviously [...]

How to Change Default Font in Notes App on iPhone and iPad

Notes app is the buil-in application available in Apple iOS firmware for iPhone, and iPad which facilitates users to take notes. Now, if you want to change default font of Notes app on iPhone or iPad then just follow the simple steps written below. Change Default Font in Notes App on iPhone and iPad Step-1 [...]

How to Make Text Larger in Mail and Notes Apps on iPad 2

If you are not comfortable with the small font size of iPad’s Mail, Notes apps then there is an option to make font size larger, you can do this by following the steps written below. Note: To change font size for other iPad apps, you have to check settings of that specific application. Step-1 On [...]