Delete Snapchat chache iphone ipad

How to Delete Snapchat Cache on iPhone / iPad

Snapchat using much space on your device or want to troubleshoot? Here is how you can delete Snapchat Cache on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. A Quick guide to clear all media cache, text cache, or other caches in 1 minute. Another day, another amazing tutorial for those who loves to hear from us [...]

Delete Snapchat Cameos Selfie on iPhone

How to Delete Snapchat Cameos Selfie on iPhone

Here is how you can create & delete snapchat cameos selfie on iPhone running the latest Snapchat app and iOS version. Another day, another tutorial for those who are photogenic and use snapchat as social media application for sharing stories and text-based snaps with friends or all over the globe. If you are one of [...]

How to Deactivate and Delete Your Snapchat Account?

Do you really want to delete Snapchat account? before doing that you must think about Snapchat selfie filters, location-aware stickers. Well, If you decided to step back from this social app due to any reason like fed up from friends politics, you made a mistake, of just want to leave then follow the simple steps [...]