Automatically Upload Pictures to SkyDrive or Facebook from Windows Phone 7

You can setup your Windows Phone 7 to upload pictures to SkyDrive or Facebook automatically. You can use 25 GB of free space available on Windows Live SkyDrive to upload your Pictures. Lets see how to setup Windows Phone 7 to auto upload pictures. Automatically Upload All Pictures to SkyDrive or Facebook Step-1 On “Start” [...]

Share Pictures from Windows Phone 7 (Facebook, SkyDrive, Text, Email)

On your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone you can take and share pictures with friends via Text or Email Messages, upload on Facebook or SkyDrive. In following you can learn how to share pictures using Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. Share pictures from Windows Phone 7 Mobile Step 1 On “Start” screen of your Windows [...]

How to Upload Photos to Facebook

Facebook is most popular social networking site there are different ways to upload photos on Facebook to create your album. In this step by step guide you will explore those different options Upload Photos to Facebook Step-1 Go to and sign in with your Facebook ID and password. Step-2 Click on “Photos” icon from [...]