Download Angry Birds Go! for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Finally, Rovio Entertainment has released Angry Birds Go! racing game free for all of the major mobile platforms. Users of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 can visit their respective online stores App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store to download Angry Birds Go!. With the same cast, Angry Birds Go! is first ever [...]

Skype v2.5 for Windows Phone 8

At last Microsoft’s voip app Skype for Windows Phone 8 has shed its beta tag and the updated Skype v2.5 for Windows Phone 8 is out there and available as a free download via Windows Phone Store. The latest Skype for Windows Phone 8 includes some general improvements and fixes. Skype v2.5 Updates General fixes [...]

Paddle Quest Windows Phone Pong Game

Paddle Quest is a free Windows Phone pong game, which let you allow to battle it out by trying to get the ball inside the other persons goal area. It also provides stats in visualized graph, Store System to buy power ups, and various strategic effects to the game. You can download Paddle Quest for [...]

Whats App Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Whats app Messenger for Windows Phone 8 is live at Windows Phone Store, which is a cross platform application, let you allow to send and receive SMS, pictures, audio notes, and video messages for free by using 3G or Wi-Fi on your mobile device. “WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Windows Phone, Android, [...]

Skype 2.0 Preview for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has released Skype 2.0 Preview for Windows Phone 8, mobile devices launched last week. Company is doing hard to bring Skype 2.0 to the latest Windows Mobile platform, but at the moment Skype 2.0 Preview is available which is no doubt brings a seamless Voip experience to Windows Phone 8. What’s New: See all [...]

Windows Phone 8 Launch

The next iteration of Windows mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8 is launched by Microsoft that brings a lot of new features to the mobile platform. Initially, Windows Phone 8 will be available in Europe this weekend, and its sale will roll out in other countries in November. Windows Phone 8 Features The only phone [...]

PayPal App for Windows Phone

The official PayPal app for Windows Phone is live at Windows Phone App store with a modern interface and about all of the features required by PayPal users. Features Send and request money Manage your account Safe and secure PayPal transactions “Local” feature allows to find local merchants who are using Paypal Here™ service, so [...]