How to Transfer Emails From Outlook to Thunderbird

If you want to move your all emails from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird a free emails application. Process to transfer emails is really simple just follow the given steps below to transfer Outlook emails quickly.

Transfer emails form Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird


Download Thunderbird, install it.


Run Thunderbird, click on “Tools” menu and select “Import” option.



Select “Mail” and click “Next” button.



Select the option either “Outlook” of Outlook Express the application you are using and hit “Next” button. Let the Thunderbird to import emails form Outlook and hit “Finish” button.

thunderbird-import-from-outlook mail-imported-from-outlook


Now you can see your all Outlook emails are imported into the Thunderbird under “Outlook Import” folder, see screenshot below.



If you already have configured a mail account in Thunderbird then select all imported emails from “Inbox” folder under “Outlook Import” and move to the inbox of configured mail account’s inbox.

If you don’t have setup a mail account in Thunderbird, setup a new mail account in Thunderbird, click on “Tools” menu select “Account Settings” and find “Account Actions” drop down.

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poison October 30, 2010, 8:34 pm

this works when you are using linux and have both programs installed, but not when u have two diferent machines, one running windows and the other one linux… 🙁

RCheesley November 12, 2010, 11:42 pm

This does not work with Outlook 2010 – it does not see any mail client being installed 🙁

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