How to Reset Motorola BackFlip to Factory Settings

Due to some problem if you want to reset Motorola BackFlip to factory data make sure you have saved everything important from it. Data that you have stored on MicroSD will not affected. Lest see how to reset BackFlip to factory settings.

Reset Motorola BackFlip

Reset Motorola BackFlip to factory settings with hadware buttons

  • Turn off your Motorola BackFlip
  • Press and hold “Camera” button and then press “Power” button, when phone turned on release the “Power” button and keep holding¬† “Camera” button down
  • When prompted release the “Camera” button
  • Press the “Volume-Down” button and wait until a triangle (Exclamation icon) appears (ignore all other messages like “Volume up key is pressed”)
  • Tap on the Bottom-right corner of the screen (right above back button) to show hidden menu (make sure flip is closed)
  • Select “wipe data / factory reset” option, press OK and wait for it to reset BackFlip to factory data.
  • When done, press “reboot system now”, press OK and you have restored your Motorola BackFlip to factory data.

On recovery menu you can also use the following shortcuts:

  • Alt+W to wipedata / factory reset
  • Menu+Back keys to reboot system
  • Alt+S to apply updates from SDCard

How to reset Motorola FlipBack OS menu

Menu > Settings > SD card & storage > Factory data reset
Press Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset

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cats September 11, 2012, 2:50 pm

hi there i go to press screen above button but nothing happens. what does that mean?

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