How to Unpair Apple Watch and iPhone, With or Without iPhone

Unpairing Apple and iPhone is another way to factory reset your Apple Watch. So, you must remember that when you disconnect your iPhone and Apple Watch, this will erase all the data from the Watch. You can also factory reset Apple Watch separately when you don't have iPhone. Unpairing is not necessary, and we will [...]

How to Erase Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You might want to erase all the data and settings from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There are many reasons you want to do that like you might want to sell that. So before selling your iOS device, it's important to remove all the content from your device correctly. Note: You can use this [...]


How to Reset iPhone 8 or 8 Plus Back to Factory Settings

Before restoring your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus back to factory settings, make sure you backed up everything that is important on your iPhone. You might already turn on auto backup on iCloud but, its recommended to backup at the time to factory reset your iPhone. Follow these steps to perform iPhone 8 factory reset: [...]

How to Factory Reset LG Nexus 5X

Smartphones are no doubt blessings but sometimes issues get so complicated. Nexus device Force reset or resetting it to factory settings will help you to get your default settings back in case you have got some weird issues in your phone. Factory reset also known as hard reset is quite useful when you want to [...]

How to Factory Reset Apple Watch Settings

If your Apple Watch stuck and not responding, then you should try force restart Apple Watch that will force your watch to reboot it and hopefully the problem will be gone. If you still facing the same problem, then you should consider reloading default Apple Watch settings by performing a factory reset. When you perform [...]

How to Factory Reset HTC One M8

Factory reset, Master reset or Hard reset these all words are considered same and when you perform factory reset on your HTC phone, this will take your phone to its initial state when you turned it on first time. There might be few reasons you want to perform factory reset on HTC One M8 phone [...]

Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 to Factory Settings

If you want to take back your Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone to factory settings because of any reason like you have forgotten security code of your device or its freezing then the guide below will help you to get rid of this situation easily. Note: The process of reset Galaxy S4 to factory settings will wipe [...]


How to Restore and Reset Windows 8 Tablet to Factory Settings

Guide written below will let you help to know the process to restore or reset Windows 8 tablet to Factory settings, incase you require to do so. Now, continue reading after the break to find the process to restore and reset Windows 8 to factory settings on your tablet. Invoke Windows 8 Charm bar just [...]

How to Reset Nexus 7 Tablet to Factory Settings

If you have some problems with your Nexus 7 then it would be a good choice to do a factory reset. Through guide below you learn the simple process to reset Nexus 7 to factory settings, but before proceeding its recommended to backup because  reset to factory settings will wipe out all of the data from your [...]

How to Restore Apple TV to Factory Settings

If you have some problems with your Apple TV then it would be a better approach to restore your device to factory settings. So, continue reading the article after the break to know the process to restore Apple TV to factory settings. Restore Apple TV to Factory Settings Step-1 Navigate to Main menu > "Settings" [...]

Reset BlackBerry PlayBook to Factory Settings

If you want to wipe data and restore your BlackBerry PlayBook to factory settings then you can do this easily from security settings, lets see how to reset PlayBook to factory settings. Note: Before performing this step make sure you have saved your all data from PlayBook tablet, including your videos, pictures, downloads, apps, etc. [...]

How to Reset iPad 2 to Factory Settings

Due to any reason you may need to reset your iPad to factory settings. So, continue reading after the break to know that how to reset iPad to factory settings. Note: Before resetting, backup iPad using iTunes and save important stuff from iPad to your computer. If your iPad is jailbroken, then using this method [...]

How to Reset Motorola XOOM to Factory Settings

When you are going to perform factory data reset on your Motorola XOOM, then make sure you have backed-up every thing important from XOOM Tablet and saved on your computer. method-1 Reset XOOM Tablet using keys If Motorola XOOM tablet OS is not working then you can reset your device using hardware keys Turn your [...]

How to Factory Reset Droid Pro

Motorola Droid Pro factory reset option is used to reset phone to factory data. Everything installed, imported on the device will be removed. So make sure you have backed up everything important on your phone. Data stored on Memory Card will no be affected. Method-1 Droid Pro factory reset If you can't access the Android [...]

How to Factory Reset Motorola CLIQ 2

When you reset Motorola Cliq 2 everything will be erased from the Motorola Cliq 2 except that you have stored on the MicroSD. You info. automatically saved on MOTOBLUR server and restored when you login again using username and password after reset process. Reset Motorola Cliq 2 using hardware buttons Make sure your phone is [...]

How to Reset Motorola BackFlip to Factory Settings

Due to some problem if you want to reset Motorola BackFlip to factory data make sure you have saved everything important from it. Data that you have stored on MicroSD will not affected. Lest see how to reset BackFlip to factory settings. Reset Motorola BackFlip to factory settings with hadware buttons Turn off your Motorola [...]

Reset Droid 2 Global to Factory Settings

If you want to reset your Motorola Droid 2 Global to factory settings then all data that you have added or installed on your Droid 2 Global will be erased, so before performing a factory data reset make sure you have taken backup of important stuff on your mobile phone. Everything stored on MicroSD will [...]

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S to Factory Settings

If you want to reset Samsung Galaxy S mobile to factory settings then follow the instructions given below. Note: before resetting Galaxy S mobile phone make sure you have backed-up your all mobile data to MicroSD card or on your computer. By performing reset, all contents stored on your mobile will be erased. So save [...]

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab to Factory Settings

A factory reset will reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab to factory settings and your all data on the device will be removed. So before doing the reset process, it's better to backup your all data like Contacts, Emails, SMS, etc. from your device. If you are ready, then let's see how to reset Samsung Galaxy [...]

How to Reset HTC HD7 to Factory Settings using Buttons

If you reset your phone to factory settings then your personal data will be erased from your mobile phone. So better to take backup of Emails, Contact, Text messages, etc before performing factory reset on HTC HD7. Lets see how to reset HTC HD7 to factory settings. If your Phone is working and you have [...]

How to Reset Windows Phone 7 Mobile to Factory Settings

Resetting your mobile phone to factory settings means you are going to erase everything from your mobile including your personal data Emails, Contacts, Text Messages, etc. So its better to take backup of your impotent stuff when you are going to reset Windows Phone 7 mobile phone to factory settings. Lets see how to reset [...]

How to Reset Droid 2 to Factory Settings

Factory Data reset mean you will remove everything from your mobile phone that you have installed or added and your Droid 2 will be fresh as new, so make sure you have backed up your all stuff. Reset Droid 2 to factory settings will not affect you MicroSD card data. Press  button and tap on [...]

How to Reset Droid to Factory Settings

If your Motorola Droid is freezing and doing odd things then you can reset Droid to factory settings using a Android OS options or even if your device is not working and your are unable to turn it ON there is also another option to hard reset Droid phone. Lets see how to hard reset [...]

How to Reset Google Nexus One to Factory Settings (Hard Reset)

Reset Nexus One to Factory Settings, sometimes your Nexus One may freezes or doesn’t respond, if this happening continuously than you need to reset your phone to the factory settings called hard reset. To hard reset Google Nexus One mobile phone you need to do the following steps. Before hard resetting your Google Nexus One [...]