How to Reset Motorola XOOM to Factory Settings

When you are going to perform factory data reset on your Motorola XOOM, then make sure you have backed-up every thing important from XOOM Tablet and saved on your computer.

Reset Motorola XOOM to factory settings

Reset XOOM Tablet using keys

If Motorola XOOM tablet OS is not working then you can reset your device using hardware keys

  • Turn your Motorola XOOM tablet off and then Turn the Tablet on again
  • On start-up when you see the Motorola logo, press and hold the Volume Down key
  • When you see the Android recovery text, press the Volume Up key to put XOOM tablet in recovery mode
  • On the Android recovery screen, press and keep holding the Power button then press and release the Volume Up key
  • Using Volume Down key navigate to Wipe data / factory reset option and press Power button to select it
  • Select Yes, delete all user data option using Power button

Reset Motorola XOOM from OS menu

  • From XOOM home screen tap Apps > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset
  • To perform reset operation, tap and check the Erase USB storage option
  • Tap the Reset tablet and then follow the given instructions on the tablet screen.

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Behrooz October 8, 2011, 2:56 pm

Hi thanks for guide line
does resetting deletes the updates also i mean i got xoom with android 3.0 then updated to 3.2 does it go back to android 3.0


Ptjgp February 13, 2012, 4:53 am

Thank You

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