How to Restore and Reset Windows 8 Tablet to Factory Settings

Guide written below will let you help to know the process to restore or reset Windows 8 tablet to Factory settings, incase you require to do so. Now, continue reading after the break to find the process to restore and reset Windows 8 to factory settings on your tablet.


Restore and Reset Windows 8 to Factory Settings


Invoke Windows 8 Charm bar just by moving the mouse to upper right corner of screen of your tablet or press “Win” + “C” keys combination and click on “Settings” charm



Tap on “Change PC settings” button


Select “General” from left panel and in right panel scroll down to the options “Refresh your PC without affecting your files” and “Remove everything and reinstall Windows”

Now, it depends on your choice which of the option you want to choose according to your requirement. “Refresh your PC without affecting your files” will reset Windows 8 with its default configurations and your data on tablet will also be available later, whereas “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” is actually to reset Windows 8 to factory settings.

Note: Windows 8 restore and refresh options just work if you have an active Windows 8 recovery partition on your device, otherwise these processes require Windows 8 installation media to proceed.

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