How to Reset Nexus 7 Tablet to Factory Settings

If you have some problems with your Nexus 7 then it would be a good choice to do a factory reset. Through guide below you learn the simple process to reset Nexus 7 to factory settings, but before proceeding its recommended to backup because  reset to factory settings will wipe out all of the data from your Nexus 7.

Reset Nexus 7 Tablet to Factory Settings

Method 1


Tap on “Settings” icon on screen


Tap “Backup & Reset” option


Tap “Factory data reset” > “Touch Reset tablet”

Note: If your tablet is password protected, then it will prompt for that so enter your Pattern, PIN, or Password


Tap “Erase everything” and let it do the process

Method 2


Power OFF your Nexus 7 tablet


Press and hold “Volume Up” + “Volume Down” + “Power” buttons until your tablet Powers ON


Press Volume Down twice, until screen displays “Recovery mode” message


Press Power button to restart your tablet into “Recovery mode.”

Note: You will see an Android image with a red triangle after a few minutes.


Hold down “Power” button, and press “Volume Up”


To scroll down to “Wipe data/factory reset” use Volume keys and press “Power” to select


Scroll down to “Yes – erase all user data” and press Power to select it

Note: If your Nexus 7 become unresponsive during the steps above, then simply hold down “Power” button for few seconds to restart it.

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