How to Check HP Laptop Battery Health

HP provides a utility to check your HP Laptop battery status, to check the HP battery health using “HP Battery Check” utility follow the given steps below. There is another guide to Maximize the battery life.

Check HP Battery Status


If you already have HP Support Assistant installed on your HP computer then follow this method

Click on Stat button > HP Support Assistant > Troubleshoot > Power, Thermal and Mechanical button

Click “HP Battery Check” from “Power” tab


If you don’t have “HP Battery Check” installed on your laptop then you need to download and install it first.

Download HP Battery Check utility and install it on your HP laptop

Run “HP Battery Check” from “All Programs”

This utility will take some time to check the battery and after that you will see Basic view of your battery status. Switch to “Advanced” mode¬† to view some more battery information, click on “Settings” icon as shown in the screenshot

Select “Advanced” option and click OK button.

Now you can see Advanced view of your HP laptop battery status.


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Dina Lego April 18, 2011, 8:04 pm

What laptop are you using?

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