How to Change iPhone Carrier Logo without Jailbreak [Windows]

CustomCarrierLogo is a peace of software that let you allow to change your iPhone or iPad carrier logo without jailbreak through Windows. So, if you are interested to replace carrier logo on your iDevice then check out the guide written below.




Download CustomCarrierLogo for Windows and unzip it



Start CustomCarrierLogo and click on “Let’s Get Started”


On your iDevice navigate through “Settings” > “General” > “About” and scroll down to “Carrier” and notice Carrier version number there


On computer enter Carrier version number on CustomCarrierLogo screen, and select your “iDevice” and “Carrier” from the available drop down lists and choose the option either you want a customize logo as an image or text


Choose the option either you want a customize logo as an image or text and provide the required information there in relevant fields and click on “Create IPCC Carrier Bundle” button. In result two files with .ipcc extension will be created on your desktop


Connect your iDevice to computer via USB and open iTunes on computer. Press and hold “Shift” key and click on “Restore iPhone” button in iTunes under “Summary” tab


On screen select “iPhone/iPad carrier configuration file (.ipcc )” option from drop down list followed by “File name:” and then select your required .ipcc file from the desktop

Note: Do not select the original.ipcc file in this step.


Reboot your iDevice and look, carrier logo on your iDevice is changed now

Note: If you want the original carrier logo on your iDevice again then follow the step-6 and in step-7 browse for the .ipcc file created for original logo.

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Fey January 16, 2013, 4:16 pm

Trickyways thanks its working to replace carrier logo on iPhone 5.

Vilanova January 17, 2013, 7:15 pm

Don’t know why folks are so concerned about these things like changing carrier logo etc…..whats its impact on the performance of device?

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