iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tips and Tricks

By following the tips and tricks listed below you can explore the secrets of Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Apple Mac systems. iPhone and iPad Tips & Tricks How to Stop Apple Maps Speaking Directions on iOS How to Reset Siri Language on iPhone and iPad Turn ON Automatic [...]

Dismiss The Keyboard with ReturnDismiss [Cydia Tweak]

ReturnDismiss is a free Cydia tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to dismiss the Keyboard just by pressing the return key on device. Some times its quite annoying for users when keyboard popup automatically with application on iOS devices, so in that case ReturnDismiss help to take a quick action to make it [...]

How to Find Lost Apple Devices

Incase you lost your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac then guide below will help you to find your missing Apple device through iCloud service, if you have setup Find My iPhone on your iOS device or Mac. So, continue after the break to know how to find missing device on Map. Note: Your device [...]

How to Set up Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an application that let you allow to locate your lost device including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Find My iPhone works in collaboration of Apple’s iCloud service, so its better to setup Find My iPhone on your Apple device by following guide provided below. Note: Find My iPhone is compatible [...]

Stop iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi Network Pop-ups

Wi-Fi network popup screen appears on your iPhone and iPad whenever you are in a range of Wi-Fi area, which asks to join newly founded Wi-Fi networks. Its quite annoying sometimes so to stop your iPhone and iPad from searching for new Wi-Fi networks you just have to adjust some settings by following steps below. [...]

Stop iOS Asking to “Verify iCloud Password”

According to some of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users “Verify iCloud Password” message popup on their iDevice screens repeatedly which is actually required for iCloud Backup. Normally Verify iCloud Password message appears whenever user unlock his iDevice and its quite annoying to handle it all the time. So, continue reading to know how to disable [...]

How to Change Default Volume for Voice Navigation in Maps for iPhone

If you are user of voice navigation feature of Apple Maps on iPhone, then you observe its default volume is too low. So, guide below will let you know how you can change default volume for voice navigation in Maps for iPhone. Change Default Volume for Voice Navigation in Maps for iPhone Tap on “Settings” [...]

How to Create and Access Boomarks in iBooks

The iBooks app on iPhone and iPad not only stores your ebooks but also let you allow to bookmark pages within books for future references. Through guide below you learn how you can create bookmarks for a book in iBooks on iPhone and iPad. Create Bookmarks within a Book in iBooks Step-1 Tap on iBooks [...]

How to Change Default Font in Notes App on iPhone and iPad

Notes app is the buil-in application available in Apple iOS firmware for iPhone, and iPad which facilitates users to take notes. Now, if you want to change default font of Notes app on iPhone or iPad then just follow the simple steps written below. Change Default Font in Notes App on iPhone and iPad Step-1 [...]

How to Disable iPhone Camera and Lock Screen Camera

Because of some specific reasons you may need to disable iPhone Camera functionality, so follow the guide below where you can learn the process to do so by making some iOS settings. Although its a temporary solution but still it works fine and also blocks camera access for all third-party apps on iDevices. Note: You [...]

How to Set up Multiple Email Signatures in iOS 6

The iOS 6 let you allow to set up multiple Email signatures on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, for different email accounts you have enabled in Mail app. So if you are interested to know about the process to do so then check out the guide written below. Set up Multiple Email Signatures in [...]

How to Change iPhone Carrier Logo without Jailbreak [Windows]

CustomCarrierLogo is a peace of software that let you allow to change your iPhone or iPad carrier logo without jailbreak through Windows. So, if you are interested to replace carrier logo on your iDevice then check out the guide written below. HOW TO CHANGE IPHONE CARRIER LOGO [WINDOWS] Step-1 Download CustomCarrierLogo for Windows and unzip [...]

How to Remove Weather and Stocks from iOS Notification Center

In iOS 5 Apple placed Weather and Stocks widget into a new section of Notification Center, but some of users do not want these to show there, so the steps written below will help you out to remove Stocks apps from Notification Center on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Remove Stocks Apps from iOS Notification [...]

How to Stop Text Messages from Displaying on iPhone Lock Screen

Normally, when you receive a SMS message it displays with its full text message on iPhone lock screen, sometimes its quite annoying. So if you want to get rid of it then just follow the steps written below and after going through this guide, your SMS received will not display with its whole message as [...]

How to Hide Newsstand on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without Jailbreak

Newsstand is a folder included in iOS 5, resides on Springboard, which is used for Newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Some of iOS users have complained that Apple does not allow to hide Newsstand from Springboard, as they do not want it to show. Now, here is a tweak that let you allow to hide Newsstand and [...]

How to Install Custom Animated Boot Logos on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Do you want to have animated boot logo on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then you must check out ih8sn0w’s Animate fix tool, which allows users to install custom animated or static boot logo to iOS devices. So, just follow the steps written below to do so. Install Custom Animated Boot Logos on iPhone, [...]

How to Find IP Address on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

You may require the IP address of your iDevice, suppose when you want SSH into iPhone. The process to find IP address on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is quite simple, so just follow the steps below to do so. See also: How to Renew IP Address on Mac How to Renew IP Address on [...]

How to Delete Multiple Photos on iPhone or iPad

If you have a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, and want to delete some of those to make some empty space then head to guide below to know the process to do so. See also: How to Email Multiple Photos from iPhone or iPad How to Backup iPad 2 Apps, Photos, Videos, [...]

How to Email Multiple Photos from iPhone or iPad

Mostly people know how to send a photo from an iPhone through an email but do you know iOS 4 enables users to email multiple photos at once to share with others right from iPhone or iPad. Now, if you don’t know how to do that then just follow the guide written below. Email Multiple Photos [...]

How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iPad

If you are new to Apple iPad you may wondring how to transfer your pictures form PC to iPad. The process is really simple you just need to install iTunes on your computer. Lets see how to transfer pictures from computer to iPad using iTunes. Transfer Picture from PC to iPad Step-1 Connect your iPad [...]

Tips and Tricks for iPad

For iPad users here we bring some essential tips and tricks that you may not know already. if you know some more iPad tips and tricks  the share with us in comments General Tips Capture iPad Screen / Take iPad Screenshot Push the both Home and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously to capture iPad screenshot. Find the [...]