How to Disable iPhone Camera and Lock Screen Camera

Because of some specific reasons you may need to disable iPhone Camera functionality, so follow the guide below where you can learn the process to do so by making some iOS settings. Although its a temporary solution but still it works fine and also blocks camera access for all third-party apps on iDevices.

Note: You can disable Camera on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad by following the guide below.

Disable Camera on iOS


Tap on “Settings” app icon on Springboard of your iDevice



Navigate through “General” > “Restrictions”, provide the password if restrictions are password protected


Under “Allow” section toggle the ON/OFF slider with “Camera” to “OFF” state and you will observe that ON/OFF slider with FaceTime will automatically get OFF

Now, press home button and see Camera app icon is disappeared from Springboard and FaceTime call feature has also gone and besides that all Camera is also missing from “” Slide to unlock” section.

As a parental control you may disable Camera on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to prevent young children from getting access to this feature as well.

Re-Enable Camera on iOS

To re-enable Camera on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad just navigate through “Settings” > “Genral” > “Restrictions” and under Allow section, toggle ON/OFF slider followed by Camera to “ON” and thats it

You also have to Enable FaceTime by changing its state to “ON”, otherwise it will not get enabled automatically.

It would be a better approach to have password protected “Restrictions” on iPhone, then no one other than you can make any change in settings what you have applied.

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Asey April 11, 2013, 8:59 pm

Nice to know this trick to disable iPhone camera.

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