How to Hide Newsstand on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without Jailbreak

Newsstand is a folder included in iOS 5, resides on Springboard, which is used for Newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Some of iOS users have complained that Apple does not allow to hide Newsstand from Springboard, as they do not want it to show.

Now, here is a tweak that let you allow to hide Newsstand and apps from Springboard on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, even your iDevice is not jailbroken.

Hide Newstand from Springboard


Download StifleStand for Mac which is available free, created by Filippo Bigarella.


Open downloaded StifleStand


Connect your iDevice which has iOS 5+ installed on it


StifleStand will detect your attached iDevice


Navigate to Newsstand from Springboard on your iDevice, and then click on “Hide Newsstand” button from StifleStand window on Mac


A new folder with the name “Magic”, will be created on Springboard that contains Newsstand icon, which automatically moved in it

You can also place some other apps in “Magic” folder if you want to hide those.

Note: To get back the apps from “Magic” folder, put your iDevice into wiggle mode and just drag out the app s icon and thats it.

To hide back the Newsstand icon you have to do all the process again through StifleStand.

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Kelly October 23, 2012, 1:04 pm

Useful for me, as i don’t like Newsstand on Springboard but now its simply hidden.

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