How to Kill All Running Apps in iOS with a Swipe [Cydia Tweak]

SwipeAway is a free and very simple Cydia tweak that let you allow to kill all running apps on your iDevice just through a swipe up/down from iOS App Switcher. You just have to download and install SwipeAway by visiting “ModMyi” repo on Cydia, and then go to the “Settings” from Springboard of your iDevice [...]

How to Hide Newsstand on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without Jailbreak

Newsstand is a folder included in iOS 5, resides on Springboard, which is used for Newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Some of iOS users have complained that Apple does not allow to hide Newsstand from Springboard, as they do not want it to show. Now, here is a tweak that let you allow to hide Newsstand and [...]

VUZIQ Cydia Tweak Sets YouTube Video as Ringtone on iPhone

Do you have a wish to add YouTube video as ringtone on your iPhone? Then you must be glad to know that here is VUZIQ Cydia tweak which allows you to do that exactly. Now, if you wish to know how can you set YouTube videos ringtone on iPhone then read out the article after the [...]

SiriToggles Cydia Tweak Control Settings with Siri on iPhone 4S

SiriToggles Cydia tweak enables iPhone 4S users to control brightness, app launching, shutting down their iDevice, toggle system settings including wi-fi, bluetooth, cellular data etc. integrating with Siri. See also: Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe Jailbreak iPhone 4 S with Command Line Interface Corona AssistantExtensions Send Tweets, Search YouTube, Open Apps etc. through Siri Sireet [...]

Lingual Cydia Tweak Translates Text Using Siri into 30 Languages

Free Siri Cydia tweaks for jailbroken iPhone 4S are continually rolling in as we have shared AssistantExtensions, Sireet before and now Lingual is out there. Lingaul can translate a word or phrase into more than 30 different languages. See also: Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe Jailbreak iPhone 4 S with Command Line Interface Corona Lingual Supported Languages [...]

Sireet Cydia Tweak Uses Siri to Send Tweets from iPhone 4S

Sireet is a new Cydia tweak which allows jailbroken iPhone 4S users to send tweets through Siri. Sireet integrates itself to Siri, so after its installation you still have to open Siri to make it working, means no Sireet icon will display there on Springboard. See also: AssistantExtensions Sends Tweets, Search YouTube, Open Apps etc. [...]

Download AssistantExtensions to Send Tweets, Search YouTube, Open Apps etc. through Siri

For jailbroken iPhone 4S, AssistantExtensions Cydia tweak is available free for download which extends Siri to next level by allowing users to open apps, send tweets, SBSettings toggles, chatbot, search for YouTube and much more. See also: Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Command Line Interface for Corona AssistantExtensions Built-in Extensions “System commands: [...]

How to Add Siri Dictation to iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G

Siri, iPhone 4S feature is device specific and Apple has no plan to bring it to old iDevices, even then Siri has been ported to iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod yet that port is not distributed to general public because of legal issues. A developer brought Siri dictation for iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch [...]

How to Change iOS 5 Notification Center Background Color

If you are looking for the way to change background color of Notification Center in iOS 5/5.0.1 then check out the guide below that let you learn how you can change Notification Center background color on your iDevice over jailbroken iOS 5. See Also: Jailbreak iOS 5 with Redsn0w 0.9.9b Jailbreak iOS 5 Semitethered on [...]

Customize Context Menu in Windows 7

When you right click, the Context menu in Windows Explorer just provides a limited list of actions, but if you want to include any action of your choice to Context menu then here is a free utility File Menu Tools which can do that very easily and also gives many other options to customize context [...]

Tweaks: Unlock Your iPhone Using the Volume Keys

Your iPhone must jailbroken and Cydia installed then you can use this tweak to unlock the iPhone using volume keys instead of using the “Slide to Unlock” option. You even don’t need to press the Home button to see the “Slide to Unlock”. Just press the up or down volume button of iPhone to unlock [...]