Download AssistantExtensions to Send Tweets, Search YouTube, Open Apps etc. through Siri

For jailbroken iPhone 4S, AssistantExtensions Cydia tweak is available free for download which extends Siri to next level by allowing users to open apps, send tweets, SBSettings toggles, chatbot, search for YouTube and much more.

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AssistantExtensions Built-in Extensions

  • System commands: tweet ‘text_of_the_tweet’, open ‘application_name’ or launch ‘app_name’, brightness to ‘XX %’, restart springboard, generate a random number, say ‘what_to_say>’, should I ‘do something?’.
  • Toggles: turn on ‘toggle_name’, list toggles or list switches to get a list of toggles and their states.
  • Chat Bot: You can chat with Siri. To start, just say “Let’s chat” and wait a moment. Loading times will be improved a lot in future releases.
  • YouTube – searches YouTube and shows results with thumbnails, example: “Search Lady Gaga on YouTube”

Now, iPhone 4S users who want to download AssistantExtensions visit Cydia and grab it via Big Boss repo.

Note: AssistantExtensions also enables other developers to create extensions.


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