Tips and Tricks for iPad

For iPad users here we bring some essential tips and tricks that you may not know already. if you know some more iPad tips and tricks  the share with us in comments

General Tips

Capture iPad Screen / Take iPad Screenshot

Push the both Home and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously to capture iPad screenshot. Find the captured iPad screenshot in Photos application.

Add More Icons on iPad Dock

Click and hold on icon that you want to place on the iPad dock, when icons start to wiggle hold and drag it to the iPad dock, find the right place and release it


Scroll to Top of the Page Quickly on iPad

Simply tap on the top status bar to scroll quickly back to top of the page.

Soft Reset iPad

If your iPad freezes you may need to reset it, hold the both Sleep/Wake button and Home button for few seconds to soft reset iPad

Force Quit and Application on iPad

Hold the iPad Home button for few seconds

Change iPad Wallpaper or Change iPad Lock Screen Wallpaper

  • Locate the photo that you want to apply as wallpaper on iPad
  • Tap on icon and then Tap “Use as Wallpaper” button
  • Tap and drag, pinch and zoom in or out until it looks the way you want
  • Finally Tap on “Set Wallpaper” button

Setup Wi-Fi on iPad

How to setup a WiFi network on iPad

Adjust Running Application Size on iPad

Application made for iPhone and iPod Touch can be used in iPad but these applications won’t take advantage of large screen of iPad, to view the application bigger as screen size tap on (2x) icon. You can also find the application version for iPad in App Store.

Configure iPad Picture Frame

How to use iPad picture frame mode

Transfer Pictures

How to transfer pictures from PC to iPad

Find MAC Address of iPad

How to check iPad Mac Address

Turn off keyboard clicks sound on iPad

How to turn off iPad keyboard sound

Change iPad Interface Language

How to change iPad language

Change default search engine iPad

How to change default Safari search engine on iPad

Convert ebooks for iPad (.PDF to .ePub)

How to convert PDF to ePub ( you can also convert txt to epub, rtf to epub, html to epub, chm to epub and many more… )

Transfer Books to iPad

How to transfer ebooks to iPad

iPad Photos Application

Sending Photo in Email

  • View photo that you want to send in an email
  • Tap on icon (if this icon is not visible tap on photo)
  • Finally tap “Email Photo”

Sending Multiple Photos in an Email

  • To send multiple photos in an email tap an photo album
  • Tap and tap on multiple photos that you want to send
  • Finally tap Share button.

Assign a Photo to Contact

  • Assigning a photo to contact in iPad is very easy.
  • View photo that you want to assign to contact
  • Tap “Assign to Contact”, choose a contact
  • Tap and drag, pinch and zoom in or out until it looks the way you want
  • Finally tap “Set Photo”

iPad Mail Application

Setup Mail on iPad

See how to setup an email account on iPad (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange and more)

Save Image to Photo Library on iPad

Tap and hold the image and then tap “Save Image”

Add an Email Recipient to Contact List on iPad

  • Run the Mail application
  • Tap the message
  • Tap Details
  • Tap name/email address and tap “Create New Contact” or “Add to Existing Contact”

Insert picture in email message on iPad

  • Tap and hold the photo until you get Copy option, then tap Copy
  • Run Mail application and and create a new email message
  • Tap and hold for a second/double tap to get paste option anywhere in the email message area and tap Paste.

See the Link’s Destination Address

Tap and hold the link and see the options to Copy or Open the link.

Deleting Single or Multiple Emails

To delete a message swipe finger left or right on the message and then tap Delete. To delete multiple messages tap Edit and select message that you want to delete then tap Delete.

Mark Message as Unread

Tap on message to view it and then tap on “Mark as Unread” next to the subject line.

More tips and trick for iPad are coming, Share with us more iPad tricks below in comments

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Xforce April 8, 2010, 2:55 pm

Most of the iPad tricks are similar to the iPhone

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New to apple ipad and these ipad tips are fantastiv. Thanks

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Add more tips and tricks

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I know almost all ipad tips already

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Good Tips for iPad Thanks

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Thanks for beginner tips for ipad

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Nice ipad tips

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iPad in bigger version of iphone, thnks for the tips

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Awesome you have nice iPad stuff

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iPad such a nice device, thanks for tips and tricks

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Great idea. iPad can leave computers behind. Now try new iphone and ipad apps development at akshar technologies.

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