How to Get 65GB of Free Google Drive Space on HTC One

Normally, you can use 15 GB of shared storage space in Google Drive, Photos, Google+ and Gmail and when you exceed this limit of free space you have to pay for extra storage space as per monthly package, which is 100GB for $1.99 and 1TB for $9.99 and so on… See how to get 65 GB of free storage space on Google Drive on HTC One (M8).

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How to Claim 65 GB Free Google Drive Space


If you have HTC One M8 then you can claim your Total 65 GB of Google Drive space free for two years. In addition to the default free 15 GB of space you will get 50 GB with HTC one.

Sign in to your Google Account on HTC One mobile phone.

From HTC One apps list, run Google Drive app. If you couldn’t find this app installed on your device please install it from the Google Play.

Once you open the Drive app this will show the free storage offer to redeem it. Tap it and you will get total 65 GB of space in your Google Drive. Follow the onscreen instructions learn more about Drive.

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James gander December 9, 2015, 7:09 am

So what happens after the two years, do you delete my files? What if I use the 65 gb for the free two years and then the two years is over, than what? You hold my files to ransom or what?? Please reply and explain.. thanks

Ahmed December 15, 2015, 12:32 am

Nothing will be changed, all of your data will remain as it is in the Google Drive that you can access, share and download anytime. see more details here :

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