iPhone App Worth $5 is Free for Limited Time | Printer Pro

If you mostly want to print documents, attachments, Web pages directly from your iPhone wirelessly then there is an app from you, right now its free and actual price is $5 in App Store. So Go get it! Printer Pro to print wirelessly directly from your iPhone.

Print Wirelessly from iPhone


What you can print? You can use this app on your iPhone to printer your email’s Attached files, Documents, Website pages, Pictures, Contacts, Clipboard content, files from Storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, and more.

Which printer do i need? You can send print from your iPhone to any Wireless or USB printer, in case of printer attached to your Mac or PC using a USB cable then you need to install a helper application on your computer and lucky this app is free as well for your Mac of PC computer.

Print Files from other apps: use the “Open in…” option in different apps like Mail, Dropbox and Google Drive to send file to the printer.

Quickly Print Web Pages from Safari: To print web pages from your iPhone just put letter ‘p’ before “http” URL in Apple Safari browser and then tap Go button.

Printer Pro Download link iTunes, Even you don’t have any plan to use it right now, just download it to use it later.

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stefano Betti April 15, 2014, 9:39 pm

It is still at 2.69 EUro or 2.99$ depending on which iTunes store you check.

Louis April 17, 2014, 12:29 am

Thanks for the tip, but it is NOT free!! on itunes yesterday it was priced at 2.99$, which granted could be a good price but it is not free!!!

Is it because i am in Canada and obliged to deal with the Canadian iTunes store?

Thanks for your good tips


TrickyWays April 17, 2014, 1:10 am

It was free for limited time only and now they are offering 40% discount on 4.99. Price on US and Canada stores are same, 2.99 is still a good offer but not better than free :).

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